Bicyclist Chosen As Kitten Climbs On Her Shoulder; Now Her Sister Kitten Has Claimed The Coveted Perch Too!

Madison Kelly is a professional cyclist that travels the country riding for the Papa John’s Racing team p/b TREK Elite cycling team. Over the years, she’s quickly become a top rider and won many races. But last July in Chicago, although she didn’t win the race, Madison was awarded another type of trophy. 

Perched on her shoulder in celebration, that trophy came in the form of a tiny female kitten!

Photo: @madison_m_kelly

After the race ended, Madison was one of many riders approached by a group trying to save a stray kitten. The poor baby had been found under a vehicle in the area and no one knew who it belonged to. With the thousands of stray and feral cats roaming the Chicago streets, this little girl was just another in need of a home. 

When Madison held the adorable kitten, she was instantly claimed by her. The kitten climbed up her chest and settled contentedly on her chosen humans shoulder.

Photo: @madison_m_kelly


An avid animal lover, Madison had another cat at home, 18-year-old ginger beauty named Kitsy. She and Kitsy had been together since she was just 6-years-old. Madison knew the young kitten was going to be joining her family. 

“Didn’t win the race but won a stray kitten’s companionship. Welcome to the family little one! Kitsy (my 19 year old kitty) will be thrilled.”

Photo: @madison_m_kelly

Madison named the girl Puig. Before you say “What kind of name is that?”, know that it’s PURRfect! In Latin, the word “puig” means podium, something Madison has been on dozens of times in her cycling career. In the Catalan language, it’s “a topographic name for someone who lived at a high place”, so very appropriate!

Now, Madison and Puig needed to make the journey back to her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The approximate 300 mile trip was happily taken in the car though. During the ride, Puig found a comfy place to gaze lovingly at her new human. Once home, she slowly began to settle into residential life. Coming from the streets of South Chicago, this kitty certainly had a survivor’s instincts.

Photo: @madison_m_kelly

Madison shared little Puig in all her gorgeous fluffery on her Instagram, but was sure to remind others the special girl was like any other kitten. She loves to steal the sponge from the kitten sink and hide it around the house! 

“Do not be fooled, as soon as you touch the belly she goes full attack kitten 😂”


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Adopt a stray and they will love you forever #critter #straykitten #bikeracekitty

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Sadly, soon after her 19th birthday, Madison’s beloved Kitsy passed away. 

Photo: @madison_m_kelly

Although utterly devastating, perhaps fate had brought Puig to her knowing she’d need a soothing purr to help her through the difficult time. Puig helped Madison’s broken heart slowly heal, but she needed a friend too. 

Photo: @madison_m_kelly

In honor of Puig, Madison went out and rescued another kitten to be a sister to Puig. Meet Waffles! 

Photo: @madison_m_kelly

Now the two girls have each other to love and a wonderful human that will always be there for them. There must be something about Madison’s shoulders that is too inviting for kitties! It didn’t take Waffles long to discover the snuggly spot and settle right in! 


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FaceTime buddy #waffle #cutenessoverload #kittensofinstagram

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To the joy of the world, Madison started an Instagram page just for the gorgeous girls.

Photo: @puig_and_waffle 

You can follow their silly kitty antics @puig_and_wafflethat is, if you can handle all the cuteness!!! Just be sure to hide the sponge…


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Sponge hunter strikes again #whodidthis #mischief #catsofinstagram

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Congrats to Madison, Puig and Waffles and R.I.P sweet Kitsy <3

Photo: @madison_m_kelly


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Photo: @madison_m_kelly


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