24 Neglected Persian Cats Rescued from Backyard Breeder; Saved from Infections & Covered In Matted Hair!

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The backyard of a house in Snohomish County, Washington, was the scene of unimaginable horrors for 24 Persian cats and 16 dogs.

Fortunately, in April of 2018, authorities discovered the abuse and intervened with the help of local animal shelters.

Fifteen of the felines were taken in by Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Center.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

Hearts broke as the eyes of the rescue workers met the faces of the cats.

None of the animals were spayed or neutered, leading to the conclusion that they had been used in breeding.

The cats were filthy, covered in sores and had horribly matted fur.

Photos: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

Many were suffering from numerous conditions, including upper respiratory infections.

It was later found that ALL 15 of them had ringworm.

This is a contagious skin condition that requires isolation and an intense regime of medicated baths.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

The conditions in their previous home and their compromised immune systems, likely led to the ringworm.

Needless to say, the normally sweet-tempered cats were all scared to death.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

Workers and volunteers for the sanctuary were ready to give them the love and care they needed to survive.

“They have a long road to recovery ahead of them but we are determined to provide them with the second chances they so desperately need.”

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

They were called “Fraggle Cats”, after Jim Hensen’s muppets from the “Fraggle Rock” cartoon of the early 80’s.

The Fraggles were a society made up of cute, fuzzy creature living just beyond the eyes of humans. Days were spent singing, laughing and joking in their care-free ways.

Although the cats were left to live in the complete opposite of this, the goal was to turn their lives around.

Photo: @PurrfectPals ~ Storyteller Fraggle loves her new stuffed puppy and we love her new haircut!

One day they would have the joy the muppets shared.

The cats were given names in honor of the Fraggles, like Storyteller, Noodlenose, Dimply and Tosh.

While the cats were given medication for the skin sores, many had to be shaved due to the matted fur.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

Undergoing the most amazing transition from filthy to fluffy was likely Gobo Fraggle.

This poor boy’s fur was LITERALLY matted everywhere…including between his toes!

Photo: @PurrfectPals

Because he likely couldn’t get to his nails, they had grown into his paw pads.

After a refreshing shave, a pound and a half of fur was removed from his tiny body!

Photo: @PurrfectPals

Not only did the cats have a long way to go to grow their signature fluffy coats back, they had other obstacles to overcome.

With their snub nose and short face, the Fraggles were having difficulty eating normal cat food.

Purrfect Cat had to fundraise for their medical care and to purchase a specific Persian cat designed food just for them.

Photo: @PurrfectPals

It was no surprise, followers of the page were quick to fall in love with the adorable rescued cats as their lives began.

Two of the girls that became fan favorites were Iris and Louise.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

The girls were a bonded pair, estimated to be about 5 years old.

Normally weighing in at 7-12 pounds as adults, these dainty girls were less than 4 pounds!

Iris was missing teeth which left her little pink tongue always hanging out.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

Noodlenose’s story was shaping into happy ending versus the horrific chapter she’d just survived.

At only 2 years old, she had conquered ringworm, eye and upper respiratory infections.

The adorable girl had slowly learned to trust people. Even though she is still somewhat nervous around people, she’s willing to sit next to them and cuddle.

With that, her admirers are gifted with amazingly loud purrs. She’s noted to be a champion muffin maker as well. =)

Photo: @PurrfectPals

By August, the shelter was still caring for some of the cats that proved to be in more need than others.

Three of the Fraggles had to have surgery to open up their airways.

One even had to have an eye removed!

Photo: @PurrfectPals

There was no way they’d have survived in the horrible conditions for much longer.

Due to the trauma, some needed to be put in foster homes.

This way, they’d be able to have a more slow-paced, one-on-one routine to learn to trust humans.

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

When Wimple Fraggle arrived, he was so terrified, he had to be in foster care versus the shelter environment.

He made amazing progress and blossomed into a confident, healthy kitty.

With his transformation, came an adorable surprise to the deserving cat.

By then his foster family was head-over-heels in love with Wimple, so they adopted him!

Wimple sent the shelter an update recently, with help from his new Mom:

“Dear Purrrfect Pals,

Thank you so much for being such an important part of my rescue. Because of all your efforts, I am in a home where I am safe and healthy, and most importantly, deeply loved.

I have new brother & sister kitties with whom to play. And I have a Mommy & Daddy who I trust and give me shnuzzles every day. They say I have the power to make the world smile, but I know your work does too.

Thank You for all you do,

A.k.a. Archie 
A.k.a. Wimple Fraggle”

On August 5th, three more of the “Fraggles”, Tosh, Dimpley and Gobo, were ready to find furever homes.

Photo: @PurrfectPals

Purrfect Pals posted the update on their Facebook page.

…Which caught the attention of a special family, who visited the cats the very next day.

“They’ve owned persian cats previously and love the breed, quirks and all.”

“They no longer had any kitties at home and came to meet the Fraggles, hoping that one or two would be a good match for them. All three were, though, and it was just too difficult to decide who to leave behind… So they adopted all three!”

Photo: @PurrfectPals

Nothing is more motivating in animal rescue than to see the once neglected and abused souls, given another chance at a happy life.

With everything the Fraggle’s went through, Purrfect Pals pointed out exactly WHY you should “ADOPT, DON’T SHOP”!

“You’ve heard us say that “Rescued” is our favorite breed of cat and have seen us encouraging people to adopt, not shop. Have you ever wondered why?”

“These Persian kitties are the reason why. The cats in these photos are the faces of backyard breeding.”

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

“Sadly, this cruelty and neglect is not uncommon. Profiting from the sale of kittens born to sick, frightened cats who have spent their entire lives “living” in tiny cages filled with waste is NOT acceptable. Please don’t turn a blind eye to breeding.”

Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

“When you are shopping in a pet store that sells kittens or puppies instead of partnering with animal adoption organizations, please remember these faces.”

“Remember the kitties who have deformities due to irresponsible breeding and can barely breathe. They deserve better…Because Every Cat Matters.”

Photo: @PurrfectPals


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Photo: @PurrfectPals and Rachele at Artis Photography, LLC

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