News Reporter Helps Save Former Stray Cat Burned In Devastating California Fires

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The scenes in Southern California are straight out of nightmares.

Photo: @CBSLA

Fires are raging through the area at an uncontrolled and thoroughly devastating speed.

Just south of Simi Valley, California in Ventura County, the “Woolsey Fire” had burned approximately 70,000 acres as of Friday night.

It has taken with it 150 homes.

The destruction of the flames in the area was being covered by ABC7 newscaster, Veronica Miracle.

Photo credit: @grantdenham

During the organized chaos of the firefighters attempting to extinguish the blaze, Veronica became directly involved with a lifesaving mission.

The victim was a male cat named Tipper.

Photo: @ABC7Veronica

When the homeowners were given mere moments to flee the home in Oak Park, Tipper was no where to be found.

They were absolutely miserable having to accept that they had to leave him behind to an unknown fate.

The cat’s life had not been an easy one, even before this tragedy.

Screenshot from video: @ABC7Veronica

He had just been adopted in January 2018 from Serenity Place Rescue.

Serenity Place shared his backstory with their followers:

“Tipper was originally rescued from a nice fellow named Steve who cared for this Kitty. [He] lived with 3 other siblings and their mother under a large metal storage bin behind a Warehouse in West LA, where he tamed them all.”

“In the midst of that, the mother cat had another liter of 6 she brought around. He contacted us and we took all 11 in at our rescue Serenity Place Rescue. Happy to say 10 got great homes and their mother now called Josie is our office greeter.”

Tipper’s strength and survival instincts hadn’t gotten him this far only to fail him now.

As the heat and flames overtook dozens of residences in the area, Tipper made his way onto the porch of the burning home.

Photo: Screenshot KCAL9 video

The poor boy was terrified and as the emergency crews raced around him. Fully understanding his “hissing”, they carefully inched closer to him.

Everyone was worried he would run off as soon as they approached to grab him.

Thankfully, one fireman was finally able to catch him, but that was only the first step in saving his life.

With the amount of destruction on all sides of the crew, they could not spare diverting a rescuer for the cat. So they approached Veronica.

Although she may not have had any idea what to do with him, there was no way she’d turn down helping him escape certain doom.

Photo: @ABC7Veronica

Her crew placed him safely within their van while they searched and Tweeted for advice on where to take the injured cat.

Sadly, many of the local shelters and vet offices were full from the emergency. That or they had a chance of catching fire themselves and had been emptied and abandoned.

Her Twitter followers were quick to provide suggestions and look up open animal hospitals for the rescuers.

They were able to eventually get the boy to Access: Animal Specialty Hosplital and ER.

Vet techs and staff quickly began working on Tipper.

Posted by Veronica Miracle on Friday, November 9, 2018


He did receive a bad burn on one of his legs and his whiskers were all singed off.

The best news came in the form of a microchip found.

This meant they’d be able to easily alert the family of the good news!

Tipper was placed into the ICU to monitor him and ensure he was not suffering additional repercussions from smoke inhalation and exposure.

Veronica was sure to keep everyone who’d help on her social media pages updated on the progress.

At 4 AM, she went live to give them an update on the lucky kitty.

Without the help of Veronica and her team, Tipper may not be resting peacefully and back with his family. 

But now, the aftermath of their loss is going to require more good will and assistance. 

The family lost everything in the fire. 

Photo: @CBSLA

Not only do they have to rebuild their entire lives, they have mounting vet bills to pay off. 

Having Tipper back is worth every penny to them though.

One person has decided vet bills are the last thing they need to be concerned with at this heartbreaking time. 

Kellan Martz has created a GoFundMe page to cover the vet costs. It’s been named “Team Miracle Kitty”.

“The vet bill is going to cost over $4,000 and the family who owns the cat lost their home in the fires. We can be a bright spot in this terrible fire season by raising the money needed to pay for the cat’s medical bills. Anything extra will be donated to the family who lost their home and own this cat.”

At the time this article was written, they’d raised over half of the $6,000 goal! 

From the firefighters who risk their lives for our safety, to the reporters and crews on the front lines keeping us updated to the vets and caring humans who help saves all souls, thank you humanity! 

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