Rare Breed Of Havana Brown Cats Rescued After Years Of Being Cramped In Dirty Hoarding Home Cages!

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A year ago, Five Acres Animal Shelter in Missouri opened their doors to a group of special cats. They had been rescued from a hoarding/breeding situation. During the operation, a total of 90 cats were removed from the deplorable conditions. There was something different about these cats though. Most of them were a rare breed of feline called the Havana Brown.

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There are only about 1,000 of them estimated on earth. And these Havana Brown cats never experienced life outside of their small and filthy cages.

The stunning brown cats are hybrids of the Siamese. Havana Browns are named for their coat color, which resemble Cuban cigars. I read through Petfinders breed characteristics of the Havana Brown. And my heart broke even more for these cats.

“Havanas must have human interaction if they are to live happy, healthy lives.”

“They crave attention from their human companions and are not content unless they can be by your side, helping you with your household tasks. Havanas love to reach out and touch their favorite humans; they often nudge their human friends with an out-stretched paw as if asking for attention.”

That’s exactly what these poor neglected felines were kept from for years.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

When they arrived at Five Acres, no one knew quite what to expect from the cats.

They were met with absolute heartbreak.

“We quickly learned that many of them suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They paced in their cages, foamed at the mouth and were extremely scared.”

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

They were all spayed/neutered, had extensive lab work completed and many required several rounds of antibiotics. Because their overall health was so neglected, most had to undergo dental extractions for rotted teeth.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

That was only the physical aspects however.

With the trauma they endured, it took hundreds of human hours of gentle and patient interaction to help with their mental adjustment.

By early December, some were ready for adoption. The shelter would be taking extra precautions with them though.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

Adoptions were by appointment only and ONLY after pre-approval. They wanted to make sure the deserving cats were place within quiet homes. Above all, then needed to be with families that had a lot of time to spend loving them.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

One of the Havana Brown felines was physically suffering from the devastating reality of the caged situation.

The cat they named Acorn, had PTSD and was unable to walk standing up straight.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

After living what was likely his entire life crouched down in a small cage, both his kneecaps were dislocated. He would need surgery on both his knees if he were ever to be able to walk without pain.

“His emotional and physical pain was unbearable and we knew we had to do something drastic to improve his quality of life.”

Photo: Video Screenshot @5AcresAnimalShelter

So the staff at the shelter took Acorn for medical consultations regularly.

“He is in daily pain, and walks crouched down. Both legs need surgery and there is no guarantee it will work but to give him any chance at a better quality of life, we have to try.”

After months of searching for a solution, they found a doctor who’d perform a risky surgery on the Havana Brown.

Dr. Arndt and the Humane Society of Missouri were instrumental in saving Acorn’s life. They began fundraising efforts to cover the cost of the procedure and after care.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

With the support of their followers and donors, they raised thousands for Acorn’s surgery! Not only would the surgery be paid for, funds for 6 weeks of physical therapy and laser treatments had been received.

His surgery was scheduled for July 2018 and went off without a hitch.

Afterwards he would stay at the vet for unique physical therapy every week, only returning to his foster home on the weekends.

Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter
Although this was an intense and difficult thing to see a sweet little cat go through, they knew it was for the best possible outcome.
“Acorn is very shy so this will be a tough process. Please keep Acorn in your thoughts today.”

Now most importantly, in the fall of 2018, Acorn has made an amazing turn around.

Acorn is not only a 1 in a million Havana Brown cat, he is the first cat to utilize the underwater treadmill during his rehabilitation!

Photo: Video Screenshot @5AcresAnimalShelter
The Animal Medical Center of Mid-America has helped this abused and dismissed feline finally have a quality life worth living. He is still living in foster care but can actually run and jump now!

Acorn even loves hanging out with the families children and dog! It’s such a difference from the scared and damaged soul he once was.

Photo: Video Screenshot @5AcresAnimalShelter
Acorn’s physical therapy wasn’t over just yet. However, the shelter was sure to keep everyone updated on his progress.
“He also benefits from Laser treatment to go along with his underwater treadmill exercise. He wears little kitty goggles to keep his eyes from getting damaged. And we must admit, he is just too cute with these on!”
Photo: @5AcresAnimalShelter

In the end of October, Five Acres began fundraising again to continue his successful underwater therapy sessions.

This week, they had great news to share with their followers.

Way to go Acorn!!!

Thank you to everyone that helped in the hoarding situation. Not to forget the endless hours helping the animals in your areas and the support provided for them all!

Meanwhile, sweet Acorn even made it on the local news! <3

Acorn's TV debut

Did you catch Acorn on KSDK News this morning? If not, you can watch now!

Posted by Animal Medical Center of Mid-America on Monday, October 29, 2018


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