Handsome Firemen Raise Millions For Charity… With Annual Shirtless Calendar!

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Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get extremely distracted when writing this article and choosing photos to include. Not only are there adorable kittens, there are shirtless firemen. Which are really one of the few things that overshadow cute felines.

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

What makes this even more drool-worthy, is that these firemen are doing it to raise funds for charity!

These men have a great perspective on how to help in the most effective way possible.

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

If it means donning less attire to raise awareness and bring attention to needy causes, they’re all for it!

And whatever marketing genius decided to make a calendar for the world to enjoy, hit the fundraising jackpot.

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Begun in Australia in 1993, the firefighters have since raised a staggering amounts of money.

“Since its inception, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has donated over $2.8 million dollars to various charities around Australia with $1.7 million dollars of that being donated in the past 4 years alone.”

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the recent years have been such a success for a certain reason…just last year, they added a specific cat edition of the calendar.

Better late than never and maybe their marketing team was distracted?!

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

For 2019, these firemen are also bringing a new aspect to the calendar.

Not only will it feature the Aussie favorites, firefighters from around the world have been invited to participate.

You can visit their website for a teaser of the men who will be joining the crew for next year.

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

They do also have numerous versions if cats aren’t your preFURence. There is a dog version and a general animal edition. 

For others, there’s even a “NO animals to distract you” edition if you wish.

While the men know that it’s serious business to the charities they are helping, they are sure to enjoy themselves in the process.

Even if it’s just to laugh at the shameless promoting they are engaging in!

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

They’ve got a YouTube channel with behind the scenes videos for fans.

You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

So if you haven’t purrchased a Cole and Marmalade calendar this year…or simply need a 2nd, or 3rd–we fully support one that helps humans and animals in need.

You’re welcome world.

Photo: @AustralianFirefightersCalendar

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