Rescued Kitten Too Sick To Be With Littermates; Special Foster Mom Helps Make Adorably Cute & Fluffy Reunion!

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It was a chilly Fall day near Seattle, Washington this week, when 4 young kittens were found on the side of the road.

The individual that discovered them quickly realized the litter were not in good health. They were sadly covered in feces and starving, all with eye infections.

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

To survive, the kittens would need an experienced foster family.

Luckily only a couple hours away was a lady that fit the bill; the Youngest Old Cat Lady.

Twenty-six year old Ashley Morrison has been fostering kittens with her mother since 2015. The “ameowzing” duo have helped saved over 150 kittens so far!

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

Another mother/daughter team jumped in to help, driving the litter 2 hours to bring them to Ashley.

There were 2 little girls and 2 baby boys.

After cleaning the filth off the babies, they could see that one of the boys was suffering the most.

The poor boy was very malnourished and experiencing Coccidia, a common intestinal parasite that causes “tummy troubles”.

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

Ashley has an incubator that she placed him and another sibling in to warm up. She didn’t want to isolate the sickly kitten completely.

She warmed up kitten formula and mixed it with kitten wet food, making what we call “slurry”. This is used for kittens approximately 4-5 weeks old during the weaning process.

All four were given deworming medicine, antibiotics and eye ointment to start the healing process.

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

It would be a long night for all of them, but now with Ashley they had the best chance at survival.

Fortunately, they made it through the evening, but the little boy they began calling “Licorice“, wasn’t improving as much as they’d hoped.

They kept Licorice isolated from his siblings in the incubator for the time being.

She began syringe feeding him and administered IV fluids. Nothing a beginner fosterer should ever attempt without training!!!

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

Ashley knew Licorice’s chances of pulling through were up to fate, but she’d be there for him through it all.

By Tuesday night, Licorice was thankfully still holding on.

He didn’t have the strength to stand up or use the litter box though.

Ashley made sure to wash him with a warm cloth during his feedings every 3 hours.

He was at least able to go to the bathroom with her assistance.

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

Wednesday morning, Ashley awoke to find Licorice in a much better condition!

“I am so freaking pumped! When I woke up at 5 AM to feed Licorice, the moment I walked up to the incubator, he looked up at me, and I knew we had made progress.”

“He wasn’t even able to follow my finger with his eyes yesterday. Then when I fed him again at 8:30 he wanted to WALK!!!”

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

Feeling much better, Licorice walked around her desk and even tried to use the litter box; an inspiring sign!

“He’s back in his incubator all warm and fed, but I am SO happy with his progress. ❤️ Ahhh, I love his tiny little face!”

That afternoon, it was time for Licorice to finally be reunited with his siblings for a visit.

Happily, Ashley was sure to film it so we could all share in the touching moment.

Licorice was a bit overwhelmed with his bouncy brother and sisters. 

Visiting time with his siblings ❤️??

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Ashley made sure that Licorice didn’t wear himself out too much with his healthier siblings. I mean I got tired watching their kitten energy!

He still has a ways to go before he can fully join the group again.

The other babies were given appropriate candy names too.

Perhaps due to a sugar hangover from recent Halloween indulgence? Nah, they’re just too sweet NOT to have candy names!

The second boy was named Skittles.

Representing the girl “purrwer” in the litter, the 2 sisters were named Lolli (Lollipop) and Poppy (Pop Rocks).

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady ~ Poppy

The fur-family had another short visit that night and it was utterly adorable!

“I let Licorice have a little visiting time this evening with his siblings. They let him sleep in the middle and were cleaning him =) sibling love ❤️”

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

Apparently a sweet sibling cuddle was what Licorice needed. 

He wasn’t strong enough yet to be with his fantastically furry siblings full time. But he still needed a little something extra to cuddle up to when he was alone.

Ashley’s solution was heartwarmingly purrfect. <3

Photo: @youngestoldcatlady

If only the tiny baby knew that in the short time he’d been in her care, Ashley’s Facebook followers had quickly fallen for him too.

Everyone is sending their well wishes and “pawsitive” vibes to Licorice.

In return, we’re greeted with his fluffy face looking healthier and healthier every day. 

Be sure follow the Youngest Old Cat Lady on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss a moment! 

If you would like to help their deserving cause, there is sadly never a slow day in rescue, ever-growing vet bills and donations are always greatly appreciated! 

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