Lonely Baby Kitten Finds New Furry Family to Love; Grows Into Gorgeous Happy Cat

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An infant kitten was left in a parking lot by her mother. Sadly, that mother never returned for her. It’s unclear whether the new mom abandoned the neonate or met with an unfortunate fate. Either way, the tiny 2-week-old kitten was now alone in the world.

Photos: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Scared, hungry and alone, her heartbreaking tale was about to change.

Volunteers with Furry Tales Cat Rescue in Ottawa, Canada were contacted about the fur-baby. Not wasting a moment, they quickly rushed to her aid. They named the sweet little girl Holly. 

Holly was welcomed into the home of Tania Hutchison, one of their experienced fosterers. Tania’s loving home was also currently being occupied by another furry family. They’d been saved less than a week earlier!

It was April, and the devastating peak of “kitten season”, for rescuers. Stray and abandoned cats and kittens seem to be everywhere you look.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Mercedes was a mama cat who’d recently been found in a box with her 5 newborns. A Good Samaritan had discovered them only hours after their birth. Another rescue organization, Operation Spay & Neuter, stepped in to help. They had been able to transport the new family to the safety of Tania’s home.

Photo: Facebook @Operation-Spay-Neuter

When baby Holly arrived, something wonderful happened.

Mercedes accepted the new arrival as one of her own. She adorably took her “under her fluff”.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Holly nursed, snuggled and grew right along her 5 new ginger siblings.

She had 3 new brothers; Aslan…

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue


Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

and Copper.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Balancing out the scales, she joined her 2 sisters; Mango…

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

and Twinkle Toes.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Together, the blended family were living the life they deserved.

They grew fluffier everyday.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

No one could deny the family was absolutely adorable!

They were all fixed as soon as they were old enough. Then, the time arrived for them to find their fur-ever families.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue
This gorgeous batch of fluffy gingers–and equally gorgeous Calico mom and Tabby sis–all went to their fur-ever homes in the same week!
Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue ~ Mom Mercedes

Kittens Holly, Aslan, Twinkle Toes and Cheddar were all pre-adopted.

This happens before kittens are even officially available and “of age”. Their families were ready, pre-approved and eagerly awaiting them.

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Mom Mercedes and the other two kittens, Mango and Copper, won over their new “servants” soon after.

Furry Tales was overjoyed to share the ameowzing news.

All of them were going to the purrfect homes; some even together!!! The Furry Tales family were treated to happy updates on the stunning felines. 

“We had many eager families waiting to take their new fur kids home, most patiently waiting for the past month.”

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Twinkle Toes & Cheddar have settled in comfortably. Looks like they’re making themselves right at home together.

Photo: Facebook Samantha DesGroseilliers

Mango and Aslan remain side by side in their kitten shenanigans. 

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue & A.M. Boisvert
And happiest of all the outcomes is little Holly.

This abandoned baby has found another family to welcome her. And they did so with open arms, allowing her to flourish. 

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

A year later, according to the Furry Tales Facebook page and her adoptive purrents, Holly has staked her claim. 

“She is the BOSS and you never know where she is hanging out.” ~ Holly’s purrents

“That sounds about right! We are very happy that Holly found the perfect home for her. ❤️” ~ Happy Tales

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue

Without the caring man who found Holly, the dedicated rescue organizations that save felines EVERY DAY, fosters and adopters, there wouldn’t be these happy endings to share. =( 

Photo: Facebook @FurryTalesRescue


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  1. This is a wonderful story and i am lucky enough to be friends with Tania so I saw these babies when they were super tiny! Little Copper was also named after my own fawn boy Copper and Little Holly was named after Tania’s brown tabby Holly too! Just one little correction 🙂 Tania’s last name is Hutchison. You guys are pawsome for posting this! i seriously love reading all the posts and information!

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