Deserted Litter of “Miracle Kittens” Saved After Mother’s Antibodies Wear Off

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Five little neonatal kittens were abandoned in late May of 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fortunately, they were taken in by Lisa Miller, the Director for Vets for Abandoned Pets

They were just a few days old, starving, and became very, very sick.

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets

No one knew whether they were going to make it.

They were later dubbed the Miracle Group and came in an array of beautiful fur-babies.

Each was distinct in their own special way; Ajay (Tabby boy), Hope (fluffiest Tabby female cat), Shirley (Siamese), Barbie (Tortie cat) and Bruce (Black cat).

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets

Soon after they had arrived, their inherited passive and maternal immunity from their mother wore off.

“It is extremely important that kittens receive an adequate amount of quality colostrum during the first 24 hours of their lives. It provides protection from disease through passive transfer of maternal antibodies. This immunity will help protect the kitten until his immune system is mature enough to produce his own antibodies.” – Race Foster, DVM,

Leaving the kittens compromised, most of the litter of developed viral eye infections.

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Barbie fighting her eye infection

After weeks of treating with eye washes, warm compresses, antibiotics and eye medicine, all but Ajay got better.

Ajay sadly lost an eye to the infections and his young bodies inability to fight them.

Hope became extremely ill and at one time, weighed just a few ounces. 

She requiring tube feedings every 45 minute, fluids and medical care around the clock.

Then one day, she refused to eat or drink anything.

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Young Hope

Hope was so weak, Lisa began worrying that she was dying.

Lisa wrapped her up in a baby blanket and held her to her chest.

This lasted for over 2 hours with Hope hardly moving. All the while, Lisa told her what a strong girl she thought she was.

Lisa could tell how hard Hope was trying fighting to survive. She was devastated to think she wouldn’t be able to save her, apologizing to the fragile soul.

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets

About an hour later, Hope simply got up and went over to the syringe!

Instead of turning her head away as she’d previously done, she began licking the drops off the end.

Day after day she became stronger then the one before.

Lisa quotes that it has been “One of the most amazing litters I have ever had.”

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Hope now!

It was a bittersweet moment to watch them be adopted and go on to their forever homes. Like all rescue organizations and foster parents, they knew they had done their job right.

The kittens wouldn’t have been able to get to the adoption stage without their dedication.

Best of all, the cats have now each been adopted into their forever homes!

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Ajay and his big new family!

Barbie and Bruce even got adopted together!

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets


About Vets for Abandoned Pets: 
Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets

Vets for Abandoned Pets (VFAP) has been working behind the scenes in Las Vegas, NV to help trap, spay/neuter, and return feral/homeless cats.

Founded by Laura EisenbergVFAP works along side other rescues to help reduce the amount of cats that end up on the streets. 

They have helped over 3000 cats/kittens be placed into loving forever homes by adopting through local vet offices and their shelter. 

The groups center is located at 4601 N Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, NV, 89130.

Happily, this is a cage free environment, so the adopters get a feel for the animals personality. They are not locked in cages so they become more comfortable in the center. 

Cats like Tater… 

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Former Rescue Tater

While working to help feral cats get spayed or neutered, Laura recognized that most kittens that were placed back to the street didn’t survive.

She knew that if these kittens could be fostered in loving homes for a short time, they’d have a chance at surviving.

They could get the medical attention they need, become socialize and adopted into loving forever homes, keeping them off the streets.

Laura started working with her vets office to adopt one or two kittens out at a time. As she realized that there were many more kittens that needed help, she started working with many more vet offices.

Photos courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Lisa with group of previously saved kittens
The VFAP program started to grow, taking on a life of its own.

Now, VFAP has approximately 40 volunteers that foster and socialize the cats/kittens and is sustained strictly off of donations. Please visit their Amazon Wishlist to donate to their cause. 

Lisa Miller and her wife Shannon (pictured above), both work tirelessly with the cats everyday. Their trappers spend endless hours on the streets trapping cats.

They are also partnered with Heaven Can Wait. All cats are spay/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for medical conditions by the Heaven Can Wait clinic.

Photo courtesy of Vets for Abandoned Pets ~ Happy Hope

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