Majestic White Lion Denied Life of Sanctuary; Officials Want to Auction Him Off To Trophy Hunters!

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Now is the one of the times in our lives where we need to take a stand and use our voices to help the voiceless.

Even if that “voiceless” animals roar can be heard up to 5 miles away!

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife ~ Majestic Mufasa

The majestic, very rare, white lion at the center of this horrific and utterly despicable tale, is Mufasa.

Young cub Mufasa was confiscated by authorities in South Africa on December 31st, 2015.

He was brought to the WildForLife Rehabilitation Centre while legal actions were taken. His “owner” had kept him without the necessary permits.

The center was happy to help the gorgeous wild animal survive in a world not his own. There are less than 300 like him in the world left, only 13 of them in the wild.

During this same time, another rescued lioness cub named Soraya, called the rehab center home.

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife ~ Soraya

Since the young cubs were about the same age, the decision was made to introduce the two. Soraya was also having anxiety from difficulties adjusting to a life around humans. 

The duo quickly bonded and became inseparable.

For the next 2 years, the cubs thrived at the center. This was all done at their own cost with nothing other than donations from dedicated followers and fundraising.

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife

Then in November 2017, the courts had finally settled.

The guilty party had paid their fines.

Wanting to ensure the beloved beasts could remain living in safety, the rehab center took immediate action.

They submitted a proposal for the required permits to move both lions to a sanctuary to live. Together and happy. 

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife

The greedy authorities have another plan though.

They plan on selling the rare and stunning Mufasa in a public auction.

….”paws” for the anger to dissipate.

Mufasa has had a vasectomy so cannot be used for breeding. This means there is only one option left they found that would cause someone to bid on the fierce creature.

Game or trophy hunting.

…okay, another “paws” for breathing calmly.

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife

The gruesome and inhumane truth cannot be denied or hidden.

Lions are killed in high numbers for their bones to be exported to the East.

Soraya and Mufasa are inseparable and it would be extremely traumatic for Soraya to lose her companion.

She was in a terrible emotional state before they were united as cubs. Even when moved to a bigger enclosure she was highly anxious when she woke up and couldn’t find Mufasa.

What would become of Soraya if Mufasa’s fate is decided by heartless humans?

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife

Negotiations have come to nothing.

They made an offer to exchange the cost of care against the ownership of the lion but have had no response.

Wildforlife now have to sue the authorities to prevent the two being separated.

Although their lawyer is working pro bono, court costs in this case will come to approximately R50,000 or about $3,500 USD.

For now. 

This is all above and beyond the daily costs of caring for the wild animals. Food, basic care and any medical costs that arise are all being paid for by the rehab center. 

That and the red ball Mufasa was thrilled to get as a toy! <3

Photo: Facebook @Wildforlife
If you want to donate to their cause, please visit the page here.

If they can claim the cost back afterwards it will be donated to the sanctuary where they are supposed to go, to help them with feeding costs.

Please help Wildforlife prevent the atrocity of having this beautiful lion condemned to a trophy or a bag of bones.


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  1. This is wrong. I wish the best in trying to get him to a wildlife home. He should be protected under endangered animals.

  2. These animals deserve a life in the wild and not to be killed from selfish idiots who feel themselves such uncomfortable, so they have kill others. Stop this and bring these lions into a sanctuary!

  3. Why don’t ADI get involved. If they were able to rehome 30 lions to South Africa, they could look at rehoming both to BCR if willing. Auctioning these cats for game hunting is in no way any different to keeping the cats in a circus. Chris please use your influence.
    I hope you are all well and safe.

  4. We live In a man world of selfish bad behavior & I am sick of all the people. Please protect this gorgeous sweet and beautiful boy. I ? for them both to share a life of joy & happiness together.

  5. Animals are worth more than humans! If those heartless, disgusting excuses of humans want to hunt something they can hunt each other; better yet there are 7+ billion humans hunt them instead!

  6. SHAMEFUL! Nothing can be said to make me understand how killing a domesticated majestic endangered animal will make anyone more of a man or woman. Allowing this just means there is less humanity in the world. SICK?????

  7. Let Mufasa live?! I can’t fathom anyone allowing him to be bought for trophy hunting. What’s wrong with you people? Lions are meant to be free not to be hunted. Allow him to run wild & free in a protected sanctuary. Lions, especially white lions are becoming extinct. Save him???

  8. This beautiful lion needs to live his life out in a sanctuary were he can enjoy the rest of his life.not sold to some animal killer to put his head on a wall.LET HIM LIVE.

  9. This is outrageous!!!! Let these 2 live their lives in peace in a sanctuary. Power hungry and money grabbing beasts ( I refuse to call them human) that want to sell this majestic Lion for profits should suffer the same fate and should be sold for trophee hunting, that would be a trophee worth hanging on the wall.

  10. Let the greedy government officials bet their own lives against the trophy hunters and let Mufasa live out his life in a sanctuary with his lady in peace. The government has no humane right to “sell” this beautiful animal for their own pleasure or profit, especially not to an obviously “canned” hunt to die for some subhuman trophy hunter using animals’ deaths to boost their own ego. At this rate, those trophy hunters will never climb above locust level in the world scheme and those government officials will be right there with them. Mufasa is much more important than any of them and it would be super cruel to deprive Soraya of her best friend and security by taking him away from her just to die for government money. SAVE MUFASA!! THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU…

  11. Let this beautiful lion live he deserves to live his life free in a cat sanctuary were he will be safe it breaks my heart to think dat scum could do something like this to a magnificent animal no animal should be treated this way

  12. stop this senseless sport of trophy hunters these scum shouldn’t have a place on this earth what is wrong with them.Let these absolutely beautiful lions live in peace at the sanctuary.Let the lions loose on the trophy hunters without their gun see what they think of it then.They wouldnt be so bloody proud then would they ?

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