(With Updates!!!) 9-Year-Old Black Cat Waiting For More Than 225 Days In America’s First Animal Shelter

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Mittens’ Diary:

Day 222 of my stay at the Refuge.

Food remains the same, unfortunately. Some humans came and made a toy for my cage. That was nice. The other cats got toys too, but mine is better. Otherwise very quiet. I came to the front of my cage and meowed until the human who takes my picture came and petted me for a while. But then they said they had to go to a meeting.

Humans’ priorities remain confused and very poorly thought out.

All the other cats who were living in my room have left, even Ocean. The humans say they got adopted. Even Ocean. Again, priorities. There are many new cats in my room now. I have been looking at them. Many people walk past too. They’ve wearing lots of clothes again, but not as many as when I first got here. It’s dark now. Waiting for tomorrow.

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

And so it goes for Mittens, day after day.

This beautiful 9-year-old female sits and waits patiently for a human to love. Her soft long black hair, white whiskers and hypnotizing green eyes should have people battling to adopt her!

Back in February, Mittens life was sent into chaos.

Her fur-ever human had begun losing their battle against dementia, leaving the poor girl rather badly neglected.

Unable to take care of her, Mittens silky hair became horribly matted.

Her claws were so overgrown, they curled up.

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

To make sure she received the love and attention she needed and so rightfully deserved, Mittens was brought to the Morris Animal Refuge, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was very confused and frightened about everything that had happened.

Where had her person gone?!

What was this strange place that she was now in, surrounded by unfamiliar cats and people?

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

The staff and volunteers at the refuge knew just how to help traumatized Mittens.

Founded in 1874, the Morris Animal Refuge is America’s First Animal Shelter.

They are committed to adoption, education and high-quality care. As an open-admission shelter, they have amazingly never turned an animal away.

The Refuge continues to operate today in Elizabeth Morris’ original house in Center City Philadelphia at 1242 Lombard Street.

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

With a bit of time and TLC from these experienced animal lovers, Mittens realized she was safe and started came out of her shell.

Among her favorite things now are being lazy, snuggling all day in a comfy bed and getting petted by people she knows.

It’s the purrfect way for a gentle senior cat to spend her day!

Now that she found out she has friends at the shelter, she’ll meow at them – this little creaky old meow – to request they come and pet her.

And they are happy to oblige.

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

But Mittens wants to be in a furever home again.

The refuge wants to make sure she is in the RIGHT home though due to all the changes the sweet girl has had to ensure.

Their recommendation for Mittens is that, “she is the purrfect cat for someone looking for a more sedentary friend to love and admire and pet whenever she wants. One who doesn’t need a ton of activity or hugging & squeezing as she gets nervous being picked up.”

“Because of all the changes she’s had to deal with, we’re advising that her adopter be prepared to  give her time and space to adjust slowly, and that she’d probably be happiest in a quiet, peaceful home.”

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge
Could YOU be the perfect companion for Mittens?!

If you think so, or just want to help their amazing cause, please contact the Morris Animal League at:

Adopt: http://www.morrisanimalrefuge.org/animal-adoption.html
Donate: http://www.morrisanimalrefuge.org/donate-to-the-morris-animal-refuge.html
Low-cost spay/neuter program: http://www.morrisanimalrefuge.org/spay-neuter-program.html

As a BONUS for Mittens already lucky potential adopter?

Her adoption fee has already been paid for by a loving follower of the shelter!!!

They wanted to make sure that whomever gives this silky soft girl a home, knows she has won the hearts of many people. 



Mittens’ Diary: Day 228 at the Refuge.

“I am feeling sad today. I watch new cats come and go and I stay here. It used to be different. It’s been so long, and I am so tired. I didn’t groom my fur today. One of my friends came to pet me, though. Even that seemed like so much work… but then I got up, and I came over, and I got petted, and I purred a little. Maybe more tomorrow. Maybe a home tomorrow.”

As Mittens’ story spread across the internet, she remained hopeful and patient in her little corner of the world. 

On Day 229, Philadelphia veterinarian office, The Cat Doctor, joined in the movement to support the black beauty.

October 12th, or in Mittens world, Day 230. 

“OMG WE DON’T BELIEVE IT! IT HAPPENED! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! MITTENS GOT ADOPTED! Her 230th day at the Refuge is also her 1st day in a happy home! YES! We’re not crying you’re cry- nah, we’re crying. And laughing. And jumping up and down. YAAAAY! Congratulations to Mittens and her wonderful new mom!”

Faith in humanity restored!!

Photo Courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge ~ Happy new mom Eliza Jones 

Eliza was happy to share an update when they got HOME (that part just makes us super happy to write).

“Update on Mittens. First thing she did when I opened the cardboard carrier was pop her head out, look around, then ran to the darkest corner in the kitchen. Currently she’s hiding behind my claw footed bath tub.”

“It’s going to be a while before she’s brave enough to enjoy sitting in my apartments huge window and watch birds. Or get comfortable enough with me to let me cut some of the matted hair off her.”

“Not worried about it at all. Just left food, water and the litter box in the bathroom. Eventually she’s going to have to eat, drink and eliminate something.”

Congratulations to Mittens and her new mom! We hope to hear many more happy diary excerpts going forward <3 

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