Artist CATapulted To Fame With Unbelievably Gorgeous Cat Tree Sculpture

Take a Journey with the Talented Man Behind the Majestic Art ~ Robert Rogalski

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Making it’s way around the viral web this week is one ameowzing sculpture!

 Photos By Michael Fisher shared via Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

Posted by creator and artist, Robert Rogalski, the breathtaking and functional art was made for a friends cat over the summer.

Since introducing his creation to the world on September 28th, his post has been shared over 221 THOUSAND times!

 Photos By Michael Fisher shared via Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

The 44-year-old artist from Rochester, New York. has quickly gained quite the following of admirers with his work.

“Wow! The positive response to this has been overwhelming. Thank you! All this love is great, but I am unable to keep up with all the private messages–and real potential clients are getting lost in the deluge. I am overwhelmed and touched by all the interest.”

 Photos By Michael Fisher shared via Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

So much so that he has had to reopen his Facebook page dedicated to his art after posting this on his personal page, flooded with friend requests.

Be sure to follow him; we absolutely did!

You will CERTAINLY not be disappointed when you see just what went into making this cat tree and his past accomplishments!

He explains the details of labor intensive process for all those wondering just how this tree grew from a dream into reality.

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

“Here is the custom Cat tree I made this summer for some friends / clients, complete with their Kitty.. 🙂 This is a one of a kind, custom designed, sculpture, built on location.”

“How do I make tree sculptures?? Well, first I design and build to the the location, and the needs of my clients. Then, for permanent installations, I start with a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets, or blocks of foam, that are then covered with a paper mache, or pulp / particle mache clay that is mixed with heavy wood glue.. (or even fiberglass, but I prefer not to use fiberglass).”

“For something that needs less structure, or is temporary, I’ll build the tree out of cardboard, and paper mache.. Some times I do a mix of both techniques.”

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski ~ Progress from a sketch, to miniature to larger than life sculpture.

And if you just HAVE to have an original Robert Rogalski piece in your house?!

Start saving your pennies now! Every single one would be worth it though in our opinions.

“If people really want to buy a tree from me, I would love to build one for you! Please keep in mind they are custom built and I would need to be on location. It also takes time and a lot of materials.”

“The minimum of $3500,00 to $4000,00, with the total amount contingent on size, and extras added, material needs varying from job-to-job and time spent. You would also need to be able to cover my travel costs, including a hotel room.”

Please contact me by email at if you are genuinely interested in commissioning a tree or other themed installation.”

The good news? You don’t have to be a “crazy cat person” to love or commission his whimsical pieces.

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

Entranced when scrolling through his website at, his Instagram @art_of_robert_rogalski and his Facebook posts, this story took much longer to write than it should have.

Pieces in all sizes, from miniature to monstrous, are utterly captivating!

Not only are his sculptures breathtaking, his illustrations are out of this world amazing. 

Talk about distracting and mind-blowing, inspiring artwork! Not to mention his joy and humor comes alive in his photos and description on his “about” page of the website. LOL

“Robert Rogalski was born and raised in a one-room log cabin deep in the dark woods of wild Kentucky, where he learned to read by firelight and wrote on a wooden tablet with a piece of coal. No, wait, wait… that was Abraham Lincoln.”

“Actually, Robert Rogalski was born and raised in the lush countryside of western New York near the city of Rochester, were his vivid imagination turned the rural land around his family home into an enchanted world.”

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski

The rest of his story is absolutely touching.

Robert is one of those talented souls that deserves all the recognition we can bestow upon him. 

“Despite being diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, he was captivated by stories of Peter Pan, Hobbits, and the land of OZ. He worked hard to overcome his struggles with reading, and soon began to read at his pleasure. Fiercely imaginative, he was encouraged by his family to develop his artistic talents.”

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

“After a boyhood spent conquering his academic struggles with his creative drive, in 1993 he was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh PA, where he studied Special Effects for film and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design.”

“Robert went on to teach art to inner city school children, as well as designing puppets and exhibits for Renaissance festivals, store fronts, theatrical events, and dance companies.”

Featured in a segment for WXXI Arts InFocus in 2015, Robert opened up in his then studio, about his love for the arts. 

Last year, his fantastical forest creations ventured into the land of faeries for this lucky little girl. 
Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

Imagine the magical images she has while drifting into unknown dream-lands! 

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

If you can’t afford to garnish your home with his one-of-a-kind pieces, perhaps you can catch his fascinating Tree Troll?

The spectacular character can be found at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino’s Conservatory Autumn displays.

Photos: Pinterest Tree Troll Living at the Bellagio Conservatory Autumn display; Las Vegas, Nevada

This mesmerizing piece is sure to awe and inspire creativity in generations to come!

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski

So while his dazzling cat tree is making millions of humans and one fortunate feline happy, Robert’s life will likely never be the same.

We can’t wait to see where this mystical journey takes him!  

Photos: Facebook ~ Robert Rogalski & @ArtOf.Robert.Rogalski


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