Young Man Earns Eagle Scout Rank By Helping Local Shelter Felines; Inspires Others In Community

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A young man in Eureka, California reached a goal he had set for himself as a adolescent.

He succeeded in becoming an Eagle Scout by completing a project for local cat shelter, HART or Humboldt Animal Rescue Team.

Mike Stewart of Boy Scout Troop 27, spent more than 100 hours working on some very special donations for the cats at the shelter.

Interested in welding, he and his father designed and created 4 “cat condos” that will last the shelter for many years to come.

Each condo has multiple levels covered with soft carpeted surfaces, removable doors and moveable wheels. The massive creations are estimated to retail at about $1500 EACH!

Photo: Facebook @humboldtanimalrescueteam

Some of the 100 hours dedicated were spent with Stewart researching just what type of design the cats would like best. We think he did PURRfectly!

He began fundraising for the supplies; another heartwarming act bringing caring humans together. Mike was amazingly able to raise $500 to begin his project.

But then, another group of heroes stepped in.

A local steel fabrication company, Fortuna Iron, and Ferndale’s DCI Construction joined in the worthy cause. Both companies donated all the material needed to build the condos!!!

What did Stewart do with the funds then you ask? Why he donated them to HART obviously!

Photo: Facebook @humboldtanimalrescueteam

Mike is the true epitome of an Eagle Scout, reaching levels of achievement rare among the generations.

He told his mother “that’s what I want” after his first year of being in the Scouts.

The first man to become an Eagle Scout was 17-year-old Arthur Eldred in 1912. In over 100 years, it has been awarded to more than 2.5 Million young men!

Shockingly though, this only accounts for about 4% of members who reach the rank.

To apply for this coveted title, there are numerous requirements that must be confirmed completed BEFORE their 18th birthdays. All of this which is then verified by Council Advancement Committees and the National Advancement Program Team.

  • Active Participation
  • Scout Spirit
  • Merit Badges – (21 badges)
  • Position of Responsibility 
  • Service Project
  • Attend the Unit Leader Conference
  • Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose

Needless to say, it is not an easy thing to accomplish and those who do should be rightly proud of themselves.

Photo: Facebook @humboldtanimalrescueteam

The HART Facebook page shared how the project came about.

“Stewart learned of the need through a friend of a friend and because he is interested in welding he took on the task. In between taking classes at College of the Redwoods, and doing many other service activities in BST 27, Stewart was able to design and build these sustainable and beautiful cages.”

“His future plans include finishing at CR and then enlisting in either the Navy or Coast Guard, and then on to work as a CHP officer.”

*On October 11, 2017, the Boy Scouts announced that in 2019, a program for older girls will be available, enabling girls to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Photo: Facebook @humboldtanimalrescueteam

Now this is all absolutely commendable, but the most important thing for Mike? Did the cats appurrove?

They certainly did!

Official HART office cat and up-and-coming Instagram star, Mr. Smooshface was happy to test out the new gifts.

Of his creations finally becoming reality, Mike was “really proud of them and it was cool the cats liked them”.

Photo: Facebook @humboldtanimalrescueteam

At HART, after the shock of the generous donation wore off, they were sure to express their gratitude on their social media pages again.

“HART is grateful for all of the community support it receives and wants to especially thank Stewart for his hard work and commitment to creating these beautiful condos.”

Photo: Facebook @humboldtanimalrescueteam

Unbeknownst to them, the inspiration “bug” had spread throughout the community further.

On Sunday, the next day, another family wanted to help the shelter after seeing what Mike accomplished.

They had seen the report on the local news station and jumped into action! The inspired kids set up a Lemonade Stand at a local park to fundraise for the shelter. LOVE IT!

Here’s the touching video and news report done by Sierra Ferguson of Redwood News. 

If you’d like to learn more about Humboldt Animal Rescue Team, please visit their website and Facebook pages. 

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