Witnesses Quickly Rescue Kitten Seen Being Thrown From Moving Car; Never Gave Up “Hope” She’d Make It

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

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It was just a normal Saturday for Chasity Cecil and her husband as they drove along the Route 32 highway in Sardina, Ohio. Until they witnessed a young kitten being thrown from a moving vehicle right in front of them!!!

Shockingly, the horrific act was done in full daylight, just around noon. So apparently the heartless offenders had no concern for being caught. Sadly everyone was so surprised when it happened, they were unable to get the license plate number.

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Johnny, Chasity’s husband, quickly pulled the car over and rushed to the tiny kitten’s aid.

They hurried to the closest veterinarian where they received some devastating news about the kitten thrown from the car.

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

X-rays showed that the 6-week-old girl had shattered her growth plate by her knee and back right hip. She also had sustained minor injuries to her tail being thrown from a moving vehicle.

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

The vets then offered to euthanize the kitten.

Chasity looked down at the fur-baby as she lay purring and playing in her laps. There was NO chance they were giving up on this kitten with the strong will to live, no matter the cost! And both she and her husband are very active in animal rescue. They work with the Brown County Humane Society Animal Shelter and Josephs Legacy, a non-profit rescue group based in Middletown, Ohio.

It was extremely lucky the kitten was found by these two animal lovers!

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

The conversation then turned to what the vet said was their other option; amputation of the leg.

However, to even attempt the surgery, she would have to weigh at least 3 pounds. She was currently topping the scales around 1 pound, 4 ounces. Add to that, the surgery would cost around $1000.00!

While the couple figured out just how they would raise the funds to help the precious girl, she was put on pain medication. They were also quick to schedule an appointment with their own vet office, Monroe Family Pet Hospital, for a second opinion.

They named the sweet girl thrown from the car into an unknown future–Hope.

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

With her new foster family, Hope would be given every chance to heal from her horrendous ordeal.

But the couple knew they were going to need help paying for her surgery. They started a GoFundMe page and have kept everyone up-to-date with Hope’s progress and their gratefulness.

All of you have shown me that hope in humanity should not be lost! So many of you showing your support and donating warms my heart and assured me I will be able to cover her costs possibly entirely!

Hope says good morning she’s in a good mood today ❤️

Posted by Chasity Cecil on Monday, September 3, 2018


Chasity spent her evening hours researching Hope’s condition and how to help the baby she was quickly becoming attached to.

One surgeon she discovered was located only about 2 hours from them and had successfully performed similar surgeries! As fate smiled upon them all, the surgeon was actually associated with Josephs Legacy too.

After the second vet visit, they were excited to share Hope’s options for a different possible outcome. 

After reviewing her x-rays, he believed he may be able to save her leg!

The orthopedic surgeon was coming to the vet to perform the surgery on Hope the very next day.

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

This would come with a higher price tag though. The alternative procedure would cost at least $2,000. In this option, the surgeon would be required to remove her hip joint. This would cause one leg to be slightly shorter than the other.

That didn’t deter Chasity one bit from wanting to care for sweet Hope. But the cost was now going to be around $2,800!

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Knowing that it was a lot to ask of the already generous supporters, she pleaded for one more push for donations and to share the fundraiser link.

Ignoring sleep, Chasity posted the fundraiser page non-stop for 4 days straight to spread the word. Josephs Legacy posted on their Facebook page and were able to raise more than $1,500 to help Hope. 100 more people donated on the GoFundMe page and raised over $2,500 in just 9 days.

Hope’s initial surgery costs were covered!

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Yesterday, an overwhelmed Chasity shared this update:

Hope is recovering nicely and I owe it all to you guys! You’re all heroes in my book and I’m so happy to know that so many care about animals the way I do. ❤️ We made an amazing team for Miss Hope and because of all of us, she’s been saved. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Photos Courtesy of Chasity Cecil ~ Support memes created for the fundraising efforts

After surgery, Hope had a little bit of swelling which was to be expected. Her sutures will come out and she’ll receive her final vaccines next week.

Having numerous rescue and permanent animals in her home, Chasity knows to limit Hope’s exposure to other animals during the healing process. This means she will recover at the vets for now.

While writing this very article, Chasity received an updated photo from the veterinary office where Hope is being monitored. The strong fighter is doing great. 

Luckily it’s not difficult to write articles with a huge smile on my face!

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Chasity was overwhelmed with the support that she’s received during the last, very stressful, 10 days.

She told us, “People started pouring in; offering prayers and support and donations from all over the world to help me save her!!! Jerusalem, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, England, people from all of these places began pitching in to help. ❤️ It brought me to tears to see sooo many people cared about this baby.”

I’ve been rescuing for 16 years and I’ve usually paid out of my own pocket, sometimes thousands of dollars just to save different animals because I just love them so much. ❤️

My husband and I have opened our doors to several animals these past few years just trying to save as many as we can. Sometimes it gets tough financially and emotionally, but we always make it work. 🙂 It’s cases like hope that not only destroy my faith in humanity knowing someone could do that to her but restore it in so many more ways because of all the people who showed so much love for an abused kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

If all of that didn’t warm your heart, what Chasity’s told us next will

She’s got a forever home here with our family where she will never have to worry about being hurt like this again. Not only did I have hope for her, but she gave me hope for humanity. So that’s how she earned her name❤️

Hope’s healing process isn’t over yet though. Because it will take more love, support and funds to help her in the years to come. The need for assistance sadly doesn’t end with Hope either. Unfortunately along with being thrown from moving vehicles, there are numerous ways these felines need help.

Josephs Legacy has over 200 cats and kittens right now within the rescue organization. For example, just this past February, Chasity and her husband personally rescued 55 farm animals from a horrible situation that are now in their care!

Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

If you would like to help Chasity, Hope and all the other deserving animals, please considering donating at From those thrown from cars to those simply born into peril, they should all know love.

And for those of you who want to share all of Hope’s future adventures and blessed moments she wouldn’t have had if not for the Cecil’s? Chasity has started Hope’s own Facebook page!

Let’s join in the sure-to-be-inspiring story of the darling fur-baby, thoughtlessly thrown from a car, who can give us all a little bit of hope!


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