This Itty-Bitty Rescued Kitty Is Learning To Love Thanks To One Woman

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A tiny black kitten was saved from life on the streets in Boca Raton, Florida thanks to the dedication of one woman.

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

Carmen Morales Weinberg was on her way to the animal hospital to pick up 5 foster kittens that were all fixed that morning. En route, she received a text from a local woman. 

Carmen is the founder of Animal Friends Project Inc. and spends every moment helping cats and kittens in need of saving. This includes passing her business cards out to as many people as possible. The woman here had received one of those cards and knew Carmen was the one to call. 

The caring woman, Elizabeth, had seen a black cat laying in front of her house, very lethargic and barely moving.

She sent Carmen these photos.

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

As soon as she saw the pics, she knew the cat needed her immediately. Carmen called one of her volunteers to have them pick up the spayed/neutered kittens so she could focus on this dire situation. 

Elizabeth was easily able to grab the cat and meet up with Carmen. Seeing the cat in person, she knew the fur-baby needed her desperately. 

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

Carmen rushed home with the cat that she named Marcela.

The first thing she needed to do was get the kitten warm and get fluids into her. She also uses a formula for critical cats called Rebound.

Unfortunately it was late, and she knew that if she took the poor girl to the emergency vet they would likely want to euthanize her. 

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

There was no way Carmen was going to allow that and with her extensive feline experience, she spent hours comforting and syringe feeding Marcela. Her efforts were successful and the beauty survived her first night, the first step on her way to recovering.

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

Carmen took her to the vet the next day who got her on much needed medications.

It would be a difficult journey helping the skittish little kitten get healthy again. Marcela was underweight and estimated to be about 5 weeks old. She was suffering from eye and respiratory infections. She was also covered in mucus in both her eyes and her nose when found.

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

After a week in Carmen’s care, Marcela had still only gained about 5 ounces. She was still being fed with a syringe and fighting off the infections. Neither female would give up though.

Every day at weigh in, Carmen anxiously waited for the numbers on the scale to go up. Little by little they did. And little by little, Marcela became more comfortable with her new foster mom.

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

On August 25th, Carmen happily posted on her Facebook page.

Miss Marcela is 1.7 or 1.8 today! She is eating a little on her own She has been purring when I pet her Love this sweet girl.

The sweetest sound 💕 #marcela

Posted by Carmen Morales Weinberg on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Marcela grew more and more confident. On the 28th, she even started to play! This is actually a very important milestone for sick and/or feral cats. It shows that they are feeling well and trusting their environment to “let loose” a bit.

She is still a very shy cat though. Carmen lets her out of her crate, but hesitant Marcela only takes a few steps out before returning to her safe bed.

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

The small improvements continue and Marcela realized her dry food was a yummy snack too.

Her short 2 weeks with Carmen have been beyond successful and she would not have survived living outside. 

Photo Courtesy: Carmen Morales Weinberg

She now weighs about 1 lb, 13 oz and her fur is growing in nicely; another sign she is getting healthier. Marcela knows she is in a safe place and her foster mom can happily watch her little body relaxing completely when she sleeps. 

Carmen is working slowly with her on her confidence and knows with feral born cats and kittens, patience is key! She holds her and will carry her around as much as possible. 

Hopefully, she will be more outgoing when she feels completely well. She is just adorable and makes you want to protect her. I am so in love with her.


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  1. About 10 years ago a friend of mine heard a kitten meowing outside her window at work, she did not give up and searched until she found it some days later. It was a single kitten, no siblings, no mother. She took it in, fed him and brought him to work every day until he could stay at home on his own. A few years later, I moved house and found a cat clearly wanting to move in, never having had a pet before I resisted until I went to visit my friend and met her lovely pet cat. After our cat moved in, our lovely neighbours helped out when we were away. They liked it so much they rescued a kitten of their own. As if that was not enough, a colleague who heard me talking (as one does) about how fantastic cats are also got her own kitten. So, one act of kindness, saved at least another 3 cats.

  2. To say Carmen spends every moment helping cats is an understatement! I dont know her personally but I see her all over facebook and all the hard work she does. A friend of mine found a very sick adult kitty who had mange really really bad, I helped her trap him and Carmen saw the post on facebook and took on the cost and care of the cat who is now happy, healthy, fixed and has been given a second chance because of Carmen and her dedication to ALL cats and her willingness to help strangers in need!!

  3. Carmen, your heart is so full of love for this kitten, I had tears in my eyes just looking at her, you saved her and that makes you the most wonderful and caring woman, helping these poor, defenseless kitties!!!!!!! Thank you for all that you do!!

  4. What a lovely, loving heart this woman has, and is. Her special gift from God is an amazing heart full of compassion and the gift of healing. Prayers and much love sent her way to continue her missions of Mercy

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