Man In Serious Condition Risked His Life To Save One Tiny Kitten

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An animal loving man in Omaha, Nebraska put his own life in danger on Wednesday morning to save a wee-little kitten.

At the Omaha World-Herald Building, a woman heard tiny meows coming from below a grate in the parking garage. She called the Nebraska Humane Society who were on their way to the scene when the danger of the situation began to grow.

Photo:; Example of city grate

Peter Nelson, an employee for the building managers Colliers International, wanted to help in any way that he could. He and another man opened up a large grate, removing the heavy metal cover. The would-be rescuers heard the tiny cries for help coming from the bottom of the deep cavern.

The ventilation shaft measured approximately 25 feet deep, 10 feet long and 8 feet wide. They slowly lowered a ladder down to the depths and Peter began his decent. Humane Society officers had arrived in preparation to receive the feline.

A gathering crowd of supporters and spectators later recalled that the ladder was unstable causing Peter to fall into the dangerous hole. The ladder also plummeted to the bottom of the cramped quarters.

Photo: Screenshot video

The Omaha Police department and Fire department were immediately alerted to the escalating rescue effort. Now this worryingly included a human and a kitten in dire straits.

Emergency crews of firemen, EMT’s and police officers quickly worked to control the situation. Passerby’s stopped to gather around the unfolding rescue while the professionals lowered ladders, ropes and a stretcher into the dark hole.

Photo: Screenshot video

They were able to pull Peter to safety where he was rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition.

Photo: Screenshot video

A tiny black kitten was placed into the hands of the Humane Society officer who whisked him to safety. 

Photo: Screenshot video

Today on the Humane Societies Facebook page, they shared a touching post from the little fella that they named Herald, after the building he was found near. *We’re hoping his middle name is Peter! 

“Yesterday a good Samaritan was injured trying to rescue a kitten from a ventilation shaft near the Omaha World-Herald Building. NHS has the tiny kitty (now named Herald) and he wants to say thank you to the man for helping him! Herald hopes that he’ll make a speedy recovery!”

Photo: Facebook Nebraska Humane Society


They will be scanning Herald for a micro-chip and any owner information, but are not sure where the young kitten came from. If he has no chip, he will be cared for until he can be vetted and put up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten in the area, please contact them on their website at:

This is a great opportunity to remind everyone that it can be VERY dangerous trying to rescue animals on your own without the assistance of professionals.

Even with the best of intentions to save the animals in need, we need to keep our own safety in the forefront of our minds. Otherwise we won’t be around to help the next animals! 

Contact local Humane Societies, animal rescue organizations, the police and/or fire departments if needed, so that together as a team the safest scenario’s can be carried out. 


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  1. Dear Mr Peter Nelson: With the greatest of respect, if I may paraphrase Matthew 25:40, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these….you did for Me”. A truly sincere and heartfelt “Thank you, Mr. Nelson” for your caring, kindness, and certain bravery. A full and speedy recovery is my prayer or you. A huge “Thank you”, also, to the dedicated professionals of the Omaha Police and Fire/EMT Departments – and the Nebraska Humane Society. P.S. ‘Peter’ would be the perfect middle name for ‘Herald’~

  2. Thank you! You risked life & limb to save that baby! I pray u will have a complete and speedy recovery. You are a Hero to all of us animal lovers everywhere! I rescue cats and kittens too. But I can’t help it, I always keep them, to love and spoil, I have 4 now. They sleep on my bed! GOD BLESS YOU! KHARMA works both ways! So be on the lookout for some good Luck!✌?❤???❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. I sure hope his emoloyer’s insurance covers the med bills for this hero.
    Peter you are truly a Godsend fothis baby. Thank you.

  4. Please keep us updated on Mr Nelson’s recovery. He must have had no way to know that the ladder was an inferior product. His kindness is very much appreciated by many of us animal lovers.

  5. Mr. Peter Nelson is a very brave man to attempt this challenge. Herald must be eternally grateful as I am, for Mr. Nelson’s kindness. I also hope for Mr. Nelson’s speedy recovery. Mr. Peter Nelson is a very special person. Thank you Mr. Nelson.

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