Interviewing A Purrfessional – Polish Historian Remains Calm As Cats “Enhance” His Work

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One Polish historian and political scientist proves that no matter what, he won’t let his cats interfere with his purrfessionalism.

The show must go on.

Photo:; Dr. Targalski and Lisio


Obviously familiar with the history of the felines, Dr. Jerzy Targalski calmly allows his cats full reign of the household; even when doing videos and TV interviews!

Taking the internet by storm, a recently shared un-aired excerpt of the doctor and his cat Lisio by reporter Rudy Bouma, shows exactly what it means to be owned by a cat. Dr. Targalski calmly allows the attention seeking cat to have his “15-minutes of fame” during a discussion of Poland’s Supreme Court. No topics are too serious for a feline intervention.


Nonchalantly, the cat servant moves the felines tail from blocking his view. A favorite napping place for the cat, his humans shoulders would be climbed; in full view of a camera crew or not!

This isn’t the first time that Lisio or his other cat companions have interrupted Targalski’s broadcasts however. His YouTube videos regularly show his happily sleeping felines draped over him during filming. If you’re going to film from the cats favorite chair, expect a live prop to be purresent!

2 months ago…

Photo: Screenshot YouTube


4 months ago…

Photo: Screenshot YouTube


5 months ago…

Photo: Screenshot YouTube


7 months ago…

Photo: Screenshot YouTube


Can we just all take a moment to acknowledge the true CatMan lifestyle? It’s not every room that is purrfectly accentuated by a meowsterpiece of art such as this!

Photo: Screenshot YouTube


With multiple cats roaming the household, it’s clear to see Dr. Targalski has been well trained. Even with piles of furry family members to snuggle with though, it’s heartwarming that nothing can keep them from their chosen human, cherished dad Jerzy. 



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  1. As a Pole I know a bit more about the content this historian pours into the internet. And that makes it much more difficult to enjoy this sweet scene.
    I still have some difficulity with understanding how bad (or unhealthy, or toxic, or..) people can be good to their cats/dogs. This still blows my mind.

  2. The life of a pet servant. Our Cats are determined to be the center of attention. Obviously this Gentleman is adored by his Cats.

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