Dehydrated Kitten Rescued From Car Engine On 4th of July

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In Ionia, Michigan, Independence Day this year brought freedom to a young kitten stuck in a fender.

During the holiday afternoon, while officers at Ionia Department of Public Safety likely expected to get emergency calls related to fireworks being mishandled, they instead received a call from concerned citizens about a kitten.

Meows could be heard coming from inside a vehicle, but the owners couldn’t find a way to confirm where the feline was or extract it.

When the officers arrived, they were able to reach into the fender and touch fur. Regardless of the meows reported, they couldn’t be 100% sure that is what was heard. The possibility the animal could be something other than a kitten deterred the crew from blindly reaching further.

After investigating more thoroughly, the officers were able to remove the wheel well, finding a small orange kitten in the engine compartment.

The poor fur-baby was dirty, weak and dehydrated. With temperatures reaching 93 degrees on the holiday, rescuers were quick to get the parched kitten water. No one is sure how long the cat was in the vehicle and the owners had driven several places throughout the day’s festivities.

Fireworks and loud noises during 4th of July celebrations can cause many animals severe distress and anxiety, seeking out places to hide. The day is actually one recorded to have a higher number of missing animals when they run away, sadly in search of a safe, quiet place.

Photo: Cole and Marmalade Firework Safety

For this luck kitten, the day ended safely. The local Ionia County Animal Shelter has taken the cat in and will be putting it up for adoption as soon as possible. They could not be reached for any updates at this time.

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