Pregnant Cat Makes Home At 911 Dispatch Center; Gives Birth To Entire “Pawlice Furce”!

Many of you may have been waiting patiently with us for Mama Kitty, Pawficer Oreo’s first feline training supurrvisor, to give birth…well the babies have arrived!

On Furiday, June 29th, thrilled 911 dispatcher Jennifer Johnson at the Riverdale, Georgia police department shared the joyous update with our Cole and Marmalade – I Love My Cats group.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson — Mama Kitty is becoming a mama today! One black baby so far!

Throughout Mama Kitty’s labor, we were blessed with ongoing updates and adorable pictures of the newborns. However, over the next 2 hours to everyone’s surprise and happiness…updates just kept coming!

“#2 is here. Black & white one“

“Baby #3 has arrived! Looks like another solid black one.“

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson — Mama Kitty and 3 new babies

“Baby #4 just popped out! So far we have 2 solid black, 1 black & white w/ stripes on the face. Baby #4 is orange. Could that be any more appropriate??? I think not.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson — 4 little babies now!

“I believe we are done at 5. Mama is exhausted but her & the babies are doing very well.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson

But nope…Mama Kitty wasn’t quite finished yet!

“We now have 6!!!!!!!”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson

“And then then came lucky #7….”

“Six of our new pawficer recruits. As I was taking this video, #7 made his or her entry in to the world. We’re gonna have our hands full training these little ones. Mama Kitty & all of her babies are doing wonderfully!”


Jennifer reports that mama & babies are all doing wonderful.

“She is such a good mama & she definitely has her paws full with 7 babies! It took her just a little over 2 hours to push out all 7. And not a peep came from her while doing it. She was a champ!”

“Considering that she showed up at our station on May 3 & given the kittens birth date of June 29, I am certain that she came to us knowing she was pregnant. Cats are so smart to seek out the right help when they need it the most.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson – Mama Kitty the day after she arrived at the station as a “stray”.


“We already knew she was going to be a good mama from the way that she had interacted with Oreo & the way she reacted every time anyone would play a video of baby kittens. She would go into a frenzy trying to find the babies. Now when one of her own make the tiniest peep, she jumps in to action to soothe them whether they need to eat or just need a snuggle from their mama.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson — Mama Kitty teaching Pawficer Oreo the proper pawcedures for grooming

“We are very lucky to have already had an abundance of people wanting to give the babies a forever home even before they were born. This is such a blessing as we would have never guessed she would have 7!”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson


Sunday morning was met with a content little rainbow of furry beauties, all thriving at the facility with Mama Kitty. The 7 “dwarfs” will no doubt enjoy their ‘Pawficer Training’ before they are adopted into furever homes. For now adorable snoozing replaces whistling while they “work”.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson


Mama Kitty’s Arrival at the Station

The stray calico beauty showed up at the station on the night of May 3rd. Not for one second did anyone believe the loving, friendly and approachable cat was a feral, but they aren’t sure where she came from. They fed her and she immediately made herself at home.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson

With the nature of the work in the 911 dispatch center they hadn’t had an opportunity to take her to the vet before they realized she was a bit “full around the middle”.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson — That’s not a food belly!!

Confirming she was in fact pregnant and in good health, they decided is was best to allow her to have her babies and then vet, spay/neuter and find homes for all the new furry recruits. Heartwarmingly, one of the dispatchers has already decided to welcome Mama Kitty into her furever home. Purrhaps she will cave and take a fur-baby…or two…or three…home too! Wink, Wink.

Congratulations to Mama Kitty, all 7 heavenly babies and the entire staff at the station for taking such good care of the kittens, cats and all animals in the area. They are truly all heroes!

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnson — The solo ginger of the gang

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  1. What makes this story so wonderful is that this presious cat had her babies in the caring hands of people who saved her from having those beautiful kittens out on the street. Bless those who take care of fur babies!!!!!

  2. Not enough room at the milk bar. One kitten will always get left out. The poor thing will have to fight for the last spot.

    • Some cats have 8 nipples. So hopefully this mama does and there won’t be any problems. Although if she had 10 or 12 nipples the kits would probably still fight. Lol!

  3. Thank God there are still people out there who care about beautiful fur babies like this! Bless you all for taking care of them!

  4. I’m glad people have stepped up to adopt them all including Mama Kitty. Now if only people would adopt the ones in shelters and other places. Of course I’m excited to see all these babies adopted. Hopefully the one that has the last spot at the bar gets ample opportunities and/or get a helping hand. Of course they all are in a wonderful place with incredible people.

  5. Gid bless you all for taking in this beautiful mama and taking good care of her and her new furbabies

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