Kitten Thrown From Vehicle Has Heart Of A Heroic Warrior

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Marvel characters describe Thor, the Norse God, as follows:

“As the son of Odin and Gaea, Thor’s strength, endurance and resistance to injury are greater than the vast majority”.

The most recent kitten to be rescued by Animal Outreach Society (AOS) in Northern Illinois, fits this description to a “T”, aptly accepting the name. It should also be noted that the name of the god is the origin of the weekday name Thursday.

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Outreach Society


As fate would have it, on Thursday June 28th, AOS volunteers received an urgent call from a one of their fosterers. A good Samaritan had been travelling on a busy highway and witnessed a small animal nearly being hit by a huge semi. Thankfully the animal avoided the collision.

When the woman slowly drove past the startled animal, she realized it was a tiny kitten! Making a U-turn, she rushed to the desperate babies rescue.

Bravely running across 4 lanes of traffic, she found the sweet, crying boy hiding in the grass with his face peeking out. He allowed her to scoop him up and she immediately brought the terrified kitten to a friend, who happened to be an Animal Outreach fosterer. They knew they needed to call in for reinforcements to save this little fighters life.

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Outreach Society


Rushing the small soul to the vets office, they determined that his lip was completely detached from the underlying tissue. He also had broken and missing teeth, a fever and the wound was extremely infected. Not that the poor baby hadn’t suffered enough, he was also covered in ticks!

Knowing AOS refuses to give up on the wounded, the vets at The Animal Doctor recommended the baby boy undergo a procedure ASAP to reattach his lip, clean the wound thoroughly and remove all of the ticks. They suspected the tiny feline was thrown from a car, landing on his face and causing the devastating injuries.

Little Thor made it through the surgery and treatments with a heroes conviction!

He is estimated to be around 6 weeks old and is the happiest little playful kitten, despite all his tragedies so early in life.

Little Thor will require ongoing medical treatments; Animal Outreach Society are accepting donations for his care and all other rescued fur-babies.



AOS fosterers picked Thor back up Friday night from the vet and will continue to care for him until he is ready to be adopted. He is settling in comfortably and rewardingly on a nice, comfy bed.

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Outreach Society

Surgery may be required to repair skin on his lower jaw but his vet will be keeping a close eye on his recovery to determine if it’s necessary.

Fur now, this fluffy mini-superhero happily accepts praise…and yummy treats…from his loyal subjects.

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  1. Awww, poor little sweetheart. He looks just like one of my cats, Bo. I’ll never understand some people! So glad he was found and is on the road to recovery. ❤️

  2. People suck! Thank you to the kind woman who cared enough to rescue him, and to the wonderful people caring for him now!

  3. Thank God for the Good Samaritan and her friend, AOS Fosterer <3
    I can't express how glad I am they were both in the right place in the right moment <3

  4. ?????????????????
    Poor sweet little Kitty. I hope for a speedy and full recovery. Thor is a perfect name for this little sweetie. ???????
    Crazy fool who did this! ???
    Angels who came to his aid! ?????

  5. I don’t understand some humans – where is there heart or soul to do such a cruel act? 🙁
    Thank you so much to all the Human Angels that helped and continue to help this precious kitty. <3

Written by JessiCAT

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