Concerned Citizens Hear A Cat In Storm Drain; Rescuers Find More Than They Expected!

As summer rains fall all over the country, more and more rescue teams are receiving calls about trapped animals in storm drains. A fire station in Wentzville, MO was on the receiving end of one these calls just yesterday.

A 911 call was made from concerned citizens in a local subdivision of the suburbs of St. Louis. Whether it is because children are out of school enjoying the outdoors more or the beautiful weather is perfect for talking a stroll, people are in just the right place to hear the tiny meows coming from the dark and dangerous drains. Luckily for these animals in distress, their cries were heard in time.

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Rescue crew members from the Wentzville Fire Protection District, Marquart, Kelly, & Nash are credited with doing an amazing job on the scene. Initially arriving and believing they would be working to save one cat, they surprised onlookers when it was discovered to be 3 kittens in need!

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Carefully, the heroes flushed the kittens out of their hiding places. It took about 2 hours to retrieve all three fur-babies safely, but they all made it, albeit unhappily soaked.

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The City of Wentzville’s Water & Sewer Division had a crew who happened to be in the area and were more than willing to lend a hand too.

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The citizen who originally made the call was happy to take the kittens in for the night as she has ties to a local shelter, the Heartland Humane Society of Missouri. She is also diligently searching and keeping her eyes open for any sign of a mama cat missing her babies. So far, she’s seen no traces of her though.

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Heartland Humane will be picking the kittens up today. As soon as they are given a full exam and deemed healthy, they will be vaccinated, sterilized and put up for adoption.

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According to what we see on their website, they are exactly the type of rescue group we love to share with the world!

A “non-profit group of dedicated foster homes that gives abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals another chance for loving, permanent homes through our adoption program, following the no-kill philosophy. We reduce pet overpopulation in our community through collaboration with veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, and supportive individuals by providing humane education and reinforcing the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is funded solely by adoption fees, donations, fundraising events, grants and tributes.”

Please visit their website and social media pages to show some love. Don’t forget to check out their featured cutie Gamora and her full story! Let’s help get this beautiful girl adopted!

Gamora was living outside, under a porch, in the city with her newborn kittens. They were found by a good samaritan…

Posted by Heartland Humane Society of MO on Monday, June 26, 2017

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