Purrs Soothe The Darkest Hearts; Heavy Metal Bands Raise Money For Cats Across The U.S.

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In a selfless show of support, 21 heavy metal bands have joined forces to raise money for abandoned cats in New York.

Vulgar Display of Purring is the first ambitious fundraiser launched by And Justice For Paws, a non-profit started by Bob Lugowe, co-owner of Brutal Panda Records. The album, released on May 31st, is a compilation of songs by local NY bands and can be purrchased on bandcamp.com at a name your price charge!

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/vulgardisplayofpurring/

For a limited time, fans can also buy a custom metal tin for storing catnip, patches or pins with the initiatives creative logo. The logo was designed by New York tattoo artist, Jon Clue, and the original sketch will also be auctioned off for the cat charity.


Launching in New York, the goal of the program is to feature local bands in each of the 50 states, lending support to a local animal shelters in those locations. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates on future compilations and benefiting states.

Heavy Metal & Cats: The only two things that really matter in this cold, bleak world. This sad but true statement is the slogan of the fundraiser and happily, a way of life for many musicians and metal fans. Oddly enough, as I type this, Pantera begins to play on my IPod. Purrfect!


As Bob Lugowe relatably states:

“Like many people, animals and music are two of my biggest passions and I’ve always strived to find the perfect way to combine the two for a greater good. I decided there was no better way to do this than showcase like-minded bands and artists who are equally impassioned about their pets and want to make a difference in their local scene.

I’ve started by partnering up with City Critters in NYC from whom I adopted my wonderfully weird orange furball Mr. Fink. We could all stand to learn more from animals and I hope that these compilations and silly merchandise will play even a tiny role in doing just that.”


City Critters, the benefactors of this event, is a non-profit organization started in 1994. Their mission is “to improve the lives of companion animals in our city by rescuing and placing stray and abandoned cats, promoting spay/neuter programs, and working with members of our community to find humane solutions to problems involving homeless animals.” 

The City Critters crew recently attended Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp in New York, where Cole and Marmalade’s human Chris Poole was attending to show his domestic and big cat support with friends from Big Cat Rescue. Cat worlds collide! 


The proud members of many of the bands involved are gladly sharing their fur-babies photos and stories for the fundraiser.

This is Alex from NY black/death metal band Anicon and his wonderful kitty Banjo.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/vulgardisplayofpurring/; Alex and Banjo

Says Alex, “We adopted Banjo from an animal shelter in West Roxbury, MA 14 years ago. I’ve often said having a dog is like having a child but having a cat is like having a hesher room mate. They are mostly independent, your best friend and confidant… and they puke on all your stuff.

Banjo has been my best friend for 14 years and in that time he’s raised puking to an art form. His greatest achievement was puking into the ventilation holes of our stereo receiver. An achievement I failed to recognize until I turned the receiver on. Flames shot out the top of the stereo and the room was filled with the pungent aroma of burning hairball. Banjo never looked happier. Still, when the smoke cleared (literally), I couldn’t help but laugh and I wouldn’t trade a moment of Banjo’s 14 years of mischief for anything in the world.”


A member of included NY band Moon Tooth, even has an Instagram page dedicated to his cats, Lucas and Mitas

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/lucas_and_mitas/


Another band, Artificial Brain, shared the amazing story of their lead singer’s 2 rescue cats. 

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/vulgardisplayofpurring/

“Mikko and Vernes, a brother and sister named for the drummer of legendary Finnish death metal band DEMILICH, were rescue kittens from a so-called “animal hoarder” house. They were nursed by my Aunt, an ASPCA animal rehabilitator at the time, before I adopted them in 2011. I could hold both of them in the palm of one hand. Mikko is a gentle giant who prefers napping and Vernes is the one who braves the Brain Crypt craving to distract my attention away from my own hoarding of underground vinyl and cassettes. They enjoy a life of leisure alongside 2 other rescue cats, a dog and a rooster – none of whom have names that are as SICK and METAL!”


Last but not least, Beast Modulus drummer Jody Smith humorously recalls when his cat Fred choose him. 

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/vulgardisplayofpurring/;

“Fred (Aka Senor Suave, Aka Fat’s Domino, aka Fat Boy) showed up outside our building with what appeared to be a Hitler stache’ (Kitler) so I told my now ex-wife there was a cat down stairs she might like and to come check him out. For her it was love at first sight. For me, not so much-he was quite a maniac…In time I would attempt to make him more of an in-door cat, deprive him of his testicles, and give him wet food twice a day which has ballooned him up to a sweet 18 lbs. Two wives later, four apartments, tons of destroyed furniture and he’s still the same little a**hole I picked off the streets some five years ago, just fatter, and maybe a little cooler. Now he’s my fat lil’ buddy!​“ 


If you are the in area, don’t miss the record release concert at Saint Vitus Bar on June 26th! All proceeds from ticket sales and a portion of the beer sales here and everything from online album sales and merchandise will go to City Critter. Purrchase tickets here!   \m/


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