VIDEO PROOF! Hilarious Pup Proves Stereotypes Of Black Dogs & Cats Wrong!

Fun In The Sun

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If you’ve ever adopted a black dog or cat or perhaps worked in an animal shelter, you’ve likely witnessed first hand the plight of our lovely fur-babies blessed with black fur. Superstitions surrounding these gorgeous ebony creatures aren’t just spread around Halloween.

Unfortunately many people in the world overlook these beauties just because of their fur color. Never mind that they are just as sweet, silly and caring as any other colored animal.

They are usually the last to be adopted and sadly the first to be euthanized.

People say things like “they photograph poorly” or “they are evil”, breeding more contempt for these already overlooked animals. 


Even back in 2011, Mike Arms, president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California said to TIME magazine, “If you think of any movie with a mean, devil dog, it’s always a black dog, and if you see a witch in a movie, they always have a black cat.”

We came across this video shared on Facebook of one goofy canine proving just the opposite and had to share!


Wearing black clothes in summer is usually frowned upon if you want to stay cool. But what do dogs and cats with perma-coats of shiny black fur do to beat the heat? There’s not many options for them.

In the video, Teal, the gorgeous black lab from Washington, has wonderful owners that gave her a brilliant solution for the summer sun. Teal has her very own swimming pool!

Her dad caught her playing and splashing in the water and thankfully grabbed his camera. The playful pooch loves swimming and splashing, just like a child might. Summer sun for Teal equals summer fun!

Now, if there’s anyone out there that has a cat that likes doing this…definitely get that camera out!!! =) We NEED to see that!

CaM Fam – Shout-out to our personal family members and their gorgeous colored black pups!

Thanks to Dan and Cooper for showing us dog life in this video.

In memory of Kelly, Jess’s families dog who showed us old dogs CAN be taught new tricks <3 RIP sweetheart!

Jess and Kelly

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