RARE FOOTAGE! The Forest Diaries: Strange Tales from the Candian Lynx

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Two Canadian Lynx were found on the side of the road in Ontario, “revving their engines” at each other. This footage of these rare big cats is so shocking and amazing, even experts aren’t 100% sure what is transpiring.

Sometimes you just want to scream and yell. Perhaps you are so irritated, the slightest comments set you off on a tangent. And sometimes you and your best friend make up your own language so no one knows what you’re saying.

We’re not sure what happened here but it could be any of those things!

Normally solitary animals, maybe they are discussing their territories? Is there a lovely female near the duo and they are males arguing over who saw her first?

Whatever the case may be, we CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to hear that while camping in the middle of the night!!!

Learn more about the fascinating and beautiful Canadian Lynx here.

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