New Breed Of Big Cat Attacks: Urban Grandis Cattus!

Grabby headline and catch advertising aside…Instagram introduced us to a new cat “species” recently. The Urban Grandis Cattus, or so we’ve unofficially named them. And we couldn’t be happier about the discovery!

Instagram user Fransdita Muafidin created an array of photo-shopped composites that have delighted followers across the world.

Once again, the worlds most famous landmarks being attacked by ravenous beasts. But they’re not stopping there!

Daily commutes are halted. 

Cruise liners are anchored and proof cats will sleep ANYWHERE is confirmed! 

Sky scrapers are being scaled.

They’ve even been spotted on blockbuster film sets. The evidence is staggering!

Remember where you are this moment. The moment the giant cats made their paw print on the world!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The kitten’s face in the first pic as he’s looking at the hooman he’s accidentally stepped on – so funny! ?

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