BATTLE CATS! – Armed Cat Toys

For The Cat Person Who May NOT Have Everything!

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What DO you get for the “crazy” cat person in your life?

They’ve likely already collected the Crazy Cat Lady figurine. Their bulging closet is FULL of cat related clothing. Cat and feline printed housewares may cover every inch of their home. But what can we almost 100% guarantee that they don’t have…YET?

What does this cat figurine have that ALL the others don’t? Armed cats. Yes, you read that correctly; armed cats!

Choose from numerous weapon and cat options

Japanese toy maker Bandai has taken the obsession to the next level. On April 1st 2018 the company announced their once “joke” line of figurines would become a “purrmanent” feature expected in August. 

Neko Busou, or “armed cats” in English began as an April Fool’s Day joke. The toys became so popular that their demand did not go unnoticed. Their Twitter post rocketed to unexpected successes!

If you’re lucky enough to purchase one of these unique toys, your crazy “cat” level will be immeasurable! 

This is not the first unusual “toy” Bandai has released.

In 2014 a line of hunchback cats was launched to promote better posture!

Bandai Hunchback Cat Figure – Promoting Better Posture In The Workplace

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