“Stumpy” Dwarf Cat Named Potato Overcomes Life’s Obstacles; One Inch At A Time!

Potato a.k.a. “Stumpy Cat” may be small in stature but she sure is larger than life!

Her journey so far has been a difficult one. She was born with many disadvantages. Both her joints and spine were malformed at birth. She will also suffer breathing issues her whole life due to her small rib cage constricting her lungs. The tiny fighter also has dwarfism and to top it off is blind!

Originally named Giselle, she was dumped at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). Her “family” had decided that her health issues were too much for them to manage. The poor girl was covered in her own filth and matted fur.

The shelter wasn’t sure she could be helped the way she deserved. This precious kitty refused to give up or be given up on!

The manager of the shelter, Alyssa Krieger began fostering the cat. Her loving purrsonality began to shine through. A gentle hair cut and some TLC were just what she needed.

Alyssa decided to share the heartwarming story with the world. She started an Instagram page and the response was overwhelming! Over 3,000 messages and emails came in from people wanting to adopt Giselle.

Bitty blep! ❤️??

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Soon after, she found the PURRfect home! Her new owner, Holly knew right away she was meant to help this cat. Renaming her Potato, she welcomed her into the family.

Potato now has 2 sisters, Lady and Little Sister and 1 brother, Jack. All the fur-kids have taken to their little sister lovingly. All the fur-babies are there to support each other during health issues and daily adventures. Jack seems to wait for his tiny sister to catch up when she’s chasing him. Those little legs have to work overtime! <3

A year later, little Potato seems to have staked her claim within Holly’s home. Her determined attitude definitely makes up for her small frame!

Running around and chasing her brother and sisters is one of her favorite past-times. Even though blind, they have a hard time sneaking past this girl!

Holly has also claimed her place in Potato’s heart. The two can often be found snuggling; complete with welcomed belly rubs. Potato clearly lets Holly know it’s cuddle time by sitting on her feet!

This unfortunate cat has found a loving home to live out her beautiful life. We couldn’t be happier for the entire family!

Check out this video about Potato!

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  1. I too had a cat I named Stumpy.we adopted him when the place that had him decided he was ‘unadoptable’ and we’re going to euthanize him. His back legs were normal but his front legs were only half length. He seemed to get along fine, but could not jump onto the furniture not the kitchen counter as my two other cats could. Unfortunately, he developed diabetes so we didn’t have him very long, but tried to give him the best life possible. He will always have a very special place in our hearts.

  2. I just love watching this adorable little girl! I could watch her all day. So cute. Thanks for sharing and for saving this beautiful kitty. 🙂

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