How to Celebrate Easter with Cats!

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We try to provide as much enrichment as possible for Cole and Marmalade to keep their senses strong and bodies active, so taking advantage of any holidays or celebrations that allow this means we usually go a bit overboard for the boys… but we’ve come to terms with it and they don’t seem to mind!

Easter 2017 they were treated with a life-size (to them anyways LOL) colored egg pinata filled with wonderful toys and treats! Of course we helped a bit with smashing it open for them, but they had an “egg-cellent” time with their gifts.

Here’s what the boys received for being such good kitties:

Fringed Tissue MatThis is a newly discovered FAVORITE item for the boys and comes in a wide range of colors. They’ve got pink here but you may recall seeing the white variety used as “snow” in our Christmas videos.

Da BirdYou can see this was THE hit of the day as both boys leap as high as they can in attempts to catch it as Chris played with them.

Crocheted Catnip Filled Carrots and Bunnies These are just a few of the ameowzing items mom Jess creates and sells in her Etsy store Accessorati. Many designs are only seasonal so get them while they’re hot! It’s very possible you’re likely to find a stray Cole or Marm hair woven into the toys since the boys are very “helpful” when shes working. They also get to test all new designs for final “apurroval”.

Plastic Easter EggsThis basic plastic toy has always been a favorite cat toy of ours. You can fill them with catnip or treats for an extra surprise, they’re great for a variety of crafts (for example in our Gingerbread House video), but purrhaps the best is just rolling them around on the floor due to the wobbly shape!

Here’s and older video of Cole back in 2013, pre-Marmalade, where he hit the plastic egg JACKPOT!

Regardless of how you celebrate with your fur-babies, we hope you have an EGG-straordinary day!

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