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Barnaby – A Senior Cats Love Story

You’re Never Too Old To Find Your Happy Ending!

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On the streets of New Jersey, a scraggly senior cat’s life was about to change…

The scruffy feline was picked up and taken to Voorhees Animal Orphanage. 

It quickly became obvious that this elderly male tabby was extremely grateful to be off the streets.

The staff named him Barnaby and made it their mission to find this loving senior cat a home in which for him to spend his golden years. They posted pictures of Barnaby on social media sites in the hopes of attracting adopters and as fate would have it, found the purrfect family!

Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare Sheehan of Sheehan Veterinary Centre in Camden, New Jersey, stumbled across Barnaby on Facebook. They instantly knew they were meant for each other. The senior cat would obviously benefit from having an experienced veterinary team, not only to care for him medically, but to open their hearts and home to him and his specific needs.

The couple immediately reached out to the shelter and offered to adopt Barnaby, making everyone’s dreams come true.

Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Barnaby settled into his new life with complete ease.

During his first visit to the Sheehan’s office for blood work and a checkup, the entire staff became enamored with him as had become the norm. He bravely traversed the new landscape showing no fear and bestowed upon himself the office “supurrvisor” role with fierce determination.

Since Barnaby has been with his new fur-free family, he has been put on antibiotics which he takes daily without struggle, he is gaining weight and is on a special senior diet. Whenever he’s having a bit of tummy troubles, he has many dedicated nurses that spoon feed him delicious gravy mixed with a bit of extra vitamins to help him feel better.

His beautiful coat is beginning to reflect his new found health and he loves to be brushed.

Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Despite his advancing age, Barnaby is flourishing at life.

Knowing that he would likely require additional medical attention as he ages, which can cause significant bills to add up, the Sheehans knew in their hearts they would be able to provide him with the attention he needed to maintain living a long, healthy life.

Today, Barnaby continues to heal from his unknown past trials and improves daily.

He takes his officially documented role of Office Mascot/Internet Star very seriously and is a purrfect example of why senior cats should be given the same opportunities as any other deserving fur-baby. Age ain’t nothing but a number! <3

Barnaby is still thriving and was happy to wish everyone a “Meowy Catmas” recently too! <3

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