Sinbad the Cat (with updates!)

After “shedding” 5 lbs of matted fur, he’s loving his new life-style!

January 2017 not only rang in a new year but a new chance at life for a small cat in Chicago, Illinois. A utility worker in the city stumbled upon a shocking discovery in the basement of an elderly mans home. She was heartbroken to find a filthy cat, severely neglected and barely surviving in the location. She photographed the animal and contacted the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society right away.

Investigators were called in and removed a 12 pound white male Persian cat named Sinbad from the abusive conditions. He was COVERED in 5 pounds of matted fur, malnourished and so weak, he was barely able to walk.

It took dedicated groomers 2 sessions to de-tangle and trim poor Sinbad’s fur while he was sedated. The team then began the slow process of helping him eat again and get back to a healthy weight. Luckily there was an experienced volunteer with special skills who was able to get Sinbad eating on his own after only about a week!

Once the lucky cat was feeling better, Elliott Serrano, the education manager at the shelter, stepped in to foster him until adopters could be found. The now loving feline sat on Elliott’s chest, purring and chirping his way into his heart. What happened next is our favorite part of rescue stories – Elliott fell completely under Sinbad’s spell during their first weekend together and FOSTER FAILED!


According to Serrano, “Sinbad is doing quite well! For a while I was concerned that he would never be able to jump into bed without using pet stairs, because when I first brought him home his rear legs were weak and a bit atrophied. But he’s shown to be perfectly capable of jumping into bed and onto my dining room table.”

Sinbad, has the purrfect spot in his furever home to sunbathe on the kitchen table which is next to a large picture window allowing the sunbeams to stream in.

He greets his rescuer each day with cuddles, just like during his first days as a foster.

The family has had to “work to get him accustomed to getting brushed. He can be very fussy about it. His favorite brush is a pink beauty brush that is good for working through tangles, but he loves the massage it gives him.”

He gets along really well with the cats at the office, and has even shared his bed with a dog. Maybe Sinbad will have a new friend in the house? Time will tell!

You can meet Sinbad this July at Meow Meetup in Chicago, more info – CLICK HERE

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