How Cats Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

*No Leprechauns were harmed in the making of this film.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day humans! Cole and Marmalade may have gone a little overboard on the celebrating, but it was worth it =)

Marmalade, dressed in his finest felt top hat and matching gold buckle collar sets out to help big brother Cole on the hunt for the golden riches and green “clovers” at the end of the rainbow.

Once the treasures were discovered, the effects of the shamrock-nip were immediate on Marmalade who danced a happy little jig until his top hat flew off! He refused to give up however and dug and dug in fields of the green magic searching for more coins & jewels. Talk about gold fever!!!

Cole took a more refined, mellow approach, majestically guarding the pot ‘o gold, only to “paws” for a bit of Guinn-hiss. Cheers mate!

Now that Cole and Marm are done lavishing themselves with their abundant riches, they can slip into well deserved nippy-naps for the rest of the evening.

We want to wish all the other lads and lassies out there a safe, prosperous and memorable St. Paddy’s Day!

***PURRLEASE KNOW THESE WERE NOT CHOCOLATE GOLD COINS and everything used was cat safe. You can find them here for your own Sham-rockin’ celebration!

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