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Artist Creates A-MEOW-zing Photos of Cats In Food!

“Feline” Good with Calorie Free Appetizers

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What are 2 of the most binge-worthy types of photos you can find online? That’s easy….CAT and FOOD pics! Many of us can effortlessly spend an enormous amount of time in the internet void just staring at adorable cat and kitten photos and videos (*cough, cough – Cole and Marmalade) or drooling over delicacies and “foodie” shots.

It’s time for bagel ? Happy weekends! @charlescharliechazz #catsinfood

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One talented illustrator in Russia decided that opposed to dressing a cat in a food related costumes, a practice that usually results in an unhappy cat and scratched humans, she would artistically combine these two favorites using a more safe and unscathed method!

MEET CATS IN FOOD! Not literally of course, but these adorably unique photos fuse feline and feast to create often hilarious and nourishing artwork that satisfies the soul.

So at your next meal, take a moment to sit back and check out if your cuisine reminds you of anything “furmiliar”! You may be surprised at how often our kitty companions resemble our favorite comfort foods. 

Marmalade toast @coleandmarmalade ?? #catsinfood

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Sleepy eclair @taterchipintexas ? #catsinfood

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Current mood to lay like a potato @cynical_yogi ??? #catsinfood

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*NO CATS were harmed in the “baking” of this video!

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Marmalade on his toast cat bed

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