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Cats Are Planning World Domination!

9 Ways We’ve Discovered Their Plot

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They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re planning to take over the world. WAIT WHAT?! Is it possible? We found some incriminating but adorable evidence that purrhaps shows this just may be the case with Cole and Marmalade!

• All is quiet in the house…too quiet! You enter the room your feline’s are in, spot them sitting silently staring at each other (possibly communicating telepathically) and as soon as they notice you’re there, PLAY TIME ENSUES like nothing abnormal was going on!

• They are ALWAYS watching you. Sometimes sneakily around a corner with only one eye, from a perch above getting a bird’s eye view of the land or blatantly right in your face with no bashfulness. The scariest is waking up to this last example wondering why they’re just watching you sleep ~ *shiver*.

• They whisper secret messages to each other.

Making plans…

• The catnip you so lovingly gave to them for enjoyment, all of a sudden seems to have messages written in the piles. When they notice you are questioningly reviewing the strange markings, they quickly destroy the evidence!

• Newspapers are randomly delivered to your door that contain secret correspondence from their neighborhood feline cohorts.

• Stealing your office chair really has a secret agenda — INTERNET ACCESS! After a quick search online for updates on their strategies and ensuring we haven’t uncovered their plot, they hurriedly drop and flop onto the chair like they were innocently just helping us keep it warm.

• If you have the audacity to tell them “NO”, they promptly return with backup to enforce their will in an attempt to make you crack. More meows, more muscle!

• They begin to act more and more like feline secret agents – covertly concealing themselves in the best, and often never disclosed, locations. Booby traps are lain in strategic positions around the house so they can purrfect their ninja skills on you in a surprise attack, keeping their senses sharp.

• You catch them spending hours quietly staring off into the distance. These solitary times are really used to hatch new plots and secretly let out their evil laughs.

But they look SO innocent!?

Have the humans watching this video noticed any other signs in their fur-clans? … Is watching too many cat videos another sign!? … are we being brainwashed!!? Aaaaarrrggghh!

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