(With Updates!) IF IT FITS, I SITS! … And Likely Sleeps

Everything’s a Cat Bed!

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Cat “servants” have come to terms with the fact that in their household, if the cat wants to claim ownership to something, it’s usually best to just go with the flow and accept it. Nothing is laid claim to more than where they choose to rest their fluffy little heads….the cat bed.

These dreamy spots can be almost anything in your house within reach and often times in a location you have NO CLUE HOW they reached! A warm sunny spot, strategically placed box or a favorite human-scented item of clothing is Cole’s prefurred dreamland. Add tissue paper to anywhere and it’s like a pillow-top mattress for him that can’t be resisted!

Photo: Cole and Marmalade; Heavy Sleeper Cole

But what about those really ODD spots that don’t even look all that comfortable? In our house, Marmalade is usually the nutcase that discovers these out of the way, abnormal locations to be his favorite. We only locate him after frantically searching the normal kitty-spots, sometimes NEVER uncovering where he’s been!

Some of the strangest places Marm has snoozed… Jess’s purse while it’s HANGING on a rack and a COVERED 4 gallon garbage can that he lifts the lid on and climbs in!!! That one was a doozy and pretty surprising when we saw the lid lift up on it’s own the first time LOL

Photo: Cole and Marmalade; Marm’s Dumpster Bed

With the addition of Jugg and Zig Zag, the torties, we’re learning all new napping kitten spots. 

Jugg is a big fan of sleeping under blankets which is gosh-darn adorable to say the least. 

Photo: Jugg and Zig Zag; Jugg’s Towel Tent

Zig Zag seems to prefer the couch cushion Jess uses for a foot rest in her office. Wait until she realizes there’s a whole couch in the living room one day!!! 

Photo: Jugg and Zig Zag; Zig Zag hugging mom ‘s foot.

These two ladies will likely learn all the crazy sleeping spots from their big brothers and we’ll be sure to get tons of photos and video <3

Do your fur-babies have a crazy, favorite napping spot? Here’s a compilation of Cole and Marm’s silliest and most yawn-inspiring. =)


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