Kitten vs. Shoes

Shoestrings are his JAM! =)

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If you thought that women loved shoes, check out baby Marmalade finding his “sole” mate!!!

Whether it’s the smell of the leather, the sweaty gym (gag) or the enticing laces, this was one of his favorite items in our house when he first came to live with us. He would spot the string taunting him from across the room, just enough of it peeking out to not be completely sure it wasn’t another predator infiltrating his prized item….and POUNCE!

Lucky for us, he never caused any damage to the footwear or himself and he never left us any “surprises” in wait for the next time we slipped our foot into the shoe.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy teeny-tiny Marm trying to teach these laces…and sporadically an uninterested big brother Cole…who’s the boss!

**Be sure to SUPURRVISE your cats with strings/related items! They can be a choking hazard!

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