Cisco the Miracle Kitty!

A Love Your Feral Felines Rescue Tale

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When we lived in Oceanside, California from 2014-2016, we were blessed to befriend Christine Hubbard, founder of Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF), a rescue group in Northern San Diego County. Their mission is to improve the lives of feral and homeless cats and kittens through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), a Barn Cat Program and an Under-Socialized Kitten Foster Program. Love Your Feral Felines is an all-volunteer, non-profit based organization funded by donors. Christine’s love for animals and constant dedication (even through and up to the last weeks of her first pregnancy!) are what earned her deserved recognition in our first ever SuPURRhero Spotlight!

Recently, Christine and team have worked relentlessly with one of their newest rescues, Cisco – later dubbed Cisco, the Miracle Kitty!

Cisco was brought into a local high-kill shelter in horrific conditions. He was tragically incontinent, malnourished, completely immobile and the shelter was going to euthanize him. One of the rescue net-workers that knows of LYFF reached out to them and asked for their help. Immediately falling in love with the handsome boy in need of much attention, they took him in.

He was covered in mud and feces and was so skinny they could see every bone in his little body. He wouldn’t eat on his own and had to be fed urgent care wet food with a syringe. Amazingly he survived the first night to everyone’s surprise and delight! The next day he went straight to the vet, where sadly they didn’t give him very high survival odds.

His pelvis was broken and he was diagnosed with ear mites, an upper respiratory infection and his incontinence was concerning as it could be an indication of nerve or spinal damage caused by the incident that broke his pelvis. It was suspected that he was involved in a hit-and-run. A plan was made to let Cisco rest for the next 3 days to regain his strength before any surgeries were attempted to repair his pelvis.

He stunned everyone when he began eating on his own and on the 3rd day even WALKED! Back at the vet’s office the reaction was the same and they were amazed it was even the same cat! Over the next few weeks, Cisco made amazing improvements and the vet felt confident letting him heal with lots of cage rest.

Unfortunately he hadn’t escaped surgery as hoped, but during additional examinations, they also noticed an abnormality in one of his eyes diagnosed as an ulcer. He was brought to an ophthalmologist on 2/27/2018 and his eye ulcer sadly was worse than expected. The specialist stated that it was so unstable something as simple as jumping off a couch could risk rupturing it! Surgery would be required to repair his eye.

With the outpouring of support and love from the community, the team has been able to raise over the original goal of $1,800.00 for Cisco’s surgeries! Purrlease send lots of love, prayers and healing purrs to Cisco, the Miracle Kitty for continued health and improvement <3

Cisco Post Surgery Update-We just picked up our boy and he is lookin’ good! Shoutout to CVS in Carlsbad for providing him with phenomenal care. The vet staff loved his as much as we do! ? Check in later for a video of him settling in for a night of recovery.#ciscothemiraclekitty

Posted by Love Your Feral Felines on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cisco has his own donations page and Amazon Wishlist for anyone that wants to help! –…

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