10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

Aged to PURRfection!

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Older cats make purr-fect pets too! If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, consider a senior cat instead. They are often overlooked at animal shelters and it’s hard to find them furever homes, however long that may be.

The mature gentleman featured in this video is Jack-Jack, a cat that we looked after for over a year at Big Cat Rescue where Chris worked until 2014. Jack-Jack loved to taunt the caged cats, big and small, at the sanctuary where he had free reign. He would stalk their enclosures until they charged towards him, only to turn his back and walk away non-nonchalantly. He brought smiles to the faces of everyone who met him.

Chris filming Aspen the cougar

On a personal note, during the time Chris and Jess were dating, Jack-Jack would walk Jess to her car at the end of the evening with Chris to say good bye and make sure she got on her way safely <3 By the time the couple moved in together at the sanctuary, Jack-Jack was living inside with us and was Cole’s big brother when he was rescued. He taught Cole many “how-to cat” necessities.

We always knew senior cats have a difficult time finding a home in shelters so decided to use Jack-Jacks affectionate nature to show how aMEOWzing adopting an older cat can be!

Here are our top 10 favorite reasons:

  1. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – Kittens may be cute, but you never know how they’re going to turn out.

  2. PERSONALITIES ALREADY DEVELOPED – because they are “aged to purrfection”, there aren’t usually any other surprise traits that are going to emerge.

  3. OFTEN CONTENT TO JUST RELAX WITH YOU – Much less maintenance than a playful, crazy kitten in the house!

  4. “HIGH MILEAGE” CATS STILL “RUN” GREAT – Although they are calmer than kittens, they still love to get exercise and play with their humans.

  5. SEEM TO UNDERSTAND YOU SAVED THEM – Many poor older felines spend days, weeks and sometimes years in shelters waiting for their fur-ever home. They seem to know you saved them and show an almost gratefulness to you <3

  6. KITTENS CHEW ON EVERYTHING – Because this is how they learn and discover their surroundings, kittens bite it all. Older/Senior cats have already learned this so can save their energy for more important things….like resting LOL

  7. ALREADY LITTER TRAINED – There’s very little additional training, if any, when bringing a senior cat into your home. Show them where the box is and they’re good to “go”.

  8. EXPERT GROOMERS & CLEANERS – No surprises here, they’ve been keeping up appearances for years!

  9. THEY KNOW TOYS ARE FOR BITING, NOT HUMANS! – Hands and feet are a go to for kitten attacks. It may be cute, but what’s even better is being able to walk through the house without getting pounced on be an overzealous kitten.

  10. IT MAY BE THEIR LAST CHANCE – Sadly enough, many of the senior cats live out their lives in shelters when overlooked and even more heartbreaking is that a number of them may be unfairly euthanized when kitten season hits each year to make room for the kittens.

So please don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die! Consider adopting or fostering an older or senior cat and expurrience the mutual love and zest for life they can bring into your home!

*Jack-Jack passed away peacefully in 2017 at the age of 22, spending his last years in a loving home with dedicated caregivers. R.I.P. To our dear furiend ~ You will always be in our hearts <3

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