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Cats and Kitchen Counters

Is there any stopping them?!

Cole hardly ever jumped up on the counters, but then Marm arrived on the scene and was determined to be up there as much as possible! Nothing is off limits to Marm HAHA

We could have tried many other methods to deter him from being up there, but never saw it as a big deal, so didn’t waste time and money on the issue. Also many of the suggestions for deterring your cat centered around what we consider “scare therapy” so we weren’t going to even indulge those.

He trained us quickly to acclimate to his world and the best solution….lots of cleaning supplies on hand and a good scrub down before/after meal time! Win-Win.

Is that pizza fur me?!

We fur-mly believe he still would have jumped up there no matter what we did, because he’s that kind of cat! Plus, who knows what they get up to when you’re not there to catsit 🙂

Are YOUR cats allowed on the kitchen counters? What methods have you tried to deter them?

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Written by catmanchris

I'm owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade, I'm a lifelong cat fan and hope to continue to both entertain and educate with the videos I produce and the blog posts I create


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  1. I have had many cats in my life-never allowed them on counters or tables. It never was a real problem-just pushed them off, with a firm NO. Sometimes it would take until the kitty was over a year old to take effect, but always did. Cats rescued at later ages- never had a problem-just told them about house rules- a couple of NO’s and all good. They are allowed in other places- windows, couches, chairs with blankets. Just not on any food surfaces or my antique furniture!

  2. “Allowed” on the counters isn’t exactly the right word. I’ve learned to never leave anything foodish or interesting on the counter. My tortie, as you’d expect, has learned only one thing from my efforts to forbid her the counters: to jump down when she hears me coming! I agree that I can’t do anything harsh to deter her. She’s a good girl, uses the scratching post way more than the furniture, so I’m content.

  3. In my previous house I didn’t want them on the counters mostly because they would always want to wander onto the gas stove and for their safety I wanted to discourage this – I would just take them off there when I saw them and never left anything they’d be interested in on the counters and that seemed to work – they didn’t appear interested in getting up there. Now I’m in a condo, and I don’t believe in punishing them, or scaring them, so they love to be on the counter so I just do a good cleaning before and after eating, food prep etc. As I have a dog I even feed one of them on the counter so she can eat in peace and not get harassed by the dog wanting her food!

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