Marmalade The Injurer – How We Discovered An Alternative To The Cone Of Shame

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Cats will be cats. Back in 2014 Marmalade managed to scratch his eye on something. His “adventures” with the cone of shame would never be the same. I’d been re-arranging a cluttered closet and then went to the kitchen to make a cuppa.

*I’m British and need regular cups of tea to survive, especially on cleaning days!

Of course Marm followed me to make sure I wasn’t handing out anything edible and I noticed straight away that there was an issue.

His eye was obviously irritating him and he was squinting, but there was no visible debris in his eye. We knew that it would require another vet visit – URGH!

It was a Sunday afternoon but luckily we got an appointment a couple hours later at a nearby vet clinic. Here, they stained the surface of his eye and immediately we could see the abrasion. It was nothing mega serious but still bad enough.

We were 99% sure that he scraped his eye on the horrible popcorn ceiling we had in our apartment. He was likely squeezing between a storage bin and the top of our closet. Yet another reason to get rid of popcorn ceilings!

Poor Marm bravely battled with eye drops and taking his temperature…always fun!

However, then the vet tech told me that they had ran out of e-collars, AKA the “Cone of Shame”.

It was getting late, so I had to drop Marm off back home. Jess monitored him as best she could to keep him from messing with his eye. 

I anxiously dashed off to the local pet store to see what I could find. I picked up a small sized material e-collar that looked like it would do the trick and then headed home. This design also required a regular collar to fit more securely and Marm wasn’t impressed!

This collar design was sturdy and rugged, but it was also pretty darn heavy. And of course it limited Marmalade’s field of vision which I think was the main source of frustration for him.

After a restless night for both humans and cats, I headed back to Petco to see what else they had to offer. It was then that I came across the ZenPet inflatable ProCollar.

I’d never seen these before and was a bit skeptical so I also grabbed a regular clear plastic collar as well.

Once I returned home we decided to try the Inflatable collar first in lieu of a cone of shame. 

In theory it sounded amazing–it was lightweight and wouldn’t block his field of view. But I kept the receipt close by because I thought it was just a matter of time before Marm freaked out and it was deemed useless!

Luckily Marm took to it like he wasn’t even wearing anything!

We followed him around just waiting for the head shakes to start, for his tiny head to pop out and for him to disappear in a ginger blur! Still nothing! We were keeping our fingers crossed that this wasn’t the calm before the storm. Fortunately our positive vibes paid off and Marm just continued to go about doing his general cat stuff with ease.
We probably ALL breathed a sigh of relief!

I don’t usually brag about products, but since we tried this one and Marmalade definitely appurroved, I couldn’t keep quiet!

Plus I’m sure many people out there have experienced the same problems, so I felt compelled to give this collar a shout-out 🙂

Marmalade had to keep this collar on for two weeks straight while we administered eye drops every 12 hours. Although, we did gave him regular supervised breaks. I think by the end of the fortnight he was actually enjoying having his very own built in catnap pillow! The inflatable collar didn’t restrict his movements, and he could still jump and play on the cat tree.

It also made for two very relieved cat parents!

Marm bad eye
What?! This face couldn’t belong to an “bad boy”!!!

Marm is quite the handful when he doesn’t want to do something. At the vet clinic where he had his chemotherapy treatments, he had a “bad boy” reputation among the vet techs. During his last few check-ups, I had to go in the room alone and put a face mask on him to prevent him from biting them! So believe me, if he had wanted out of this collar, he would have made it happen!

As you can see this wasn’t his first experience with an e-collar or cone of shame.

After he had his cancerous tumor removed, the vet clinic gave us this lightweight collar that was also very good.

Photo: Marm’s scar from the cancerous tumor being removed from his intestines

He ended up wearing it kind of like a cape instead, but it did the job. It prevented him from messing with his stitches and was also relatively comfortable.Marm bad eye

We set-up a recovery area for Marm to keep him from moving around too much after his surgery and you can see what he thought of that idea! 


So I had to follow him around like a toddler for many days after the surgery to make sure he wasn’t overdoing it.

In conclusion, we definitely recommend the inflatable ProCollar!

You can get one here on our Amazon Favorites Storefront too where a small portion of the profits goes into our TNR efforts–at no extra cost to you!


It made life much easier for Marm (and human servants). Marmalade’s eye recovered completely and he was quickly back to his goofy self! 

marm better

You can see some video footage of Marmalade wearing the inflatable collar in this video:

What do you think? Share your cat recovery stories and tips in the comments section below…

Thanks fur reading 🙂 ~ Cat Man Chris

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