5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners

Get to it humans!

Everybody loves a good life hack, right? … Well I know how busy cat servants out there can get and I’m pretty sure you’re all looking for fun new ways to help enrich the lives of your cats too, so here’s 5 purrfect hacks…

Check out the video:

Use rubber gloves to remove fur

This has got to be my favorite, forget the lint rollers, grab a rubber glove and away you go… so simple, yet so effective! I got pretty addicted to doing this once I found out how well it actually worked, I cleaned all 4 cat trees, our couch and of course Cole’s mini chaise lounge 🙂

*Someone on our FACEBOOK PAGE also suggested using a window squeegee to cover larger areas even faster 😉

“Good job human!”

Marinate old cat toys in catnip

Trust me there’s no shortage of cat toys in this household, but after a while cats just lose interest in some toys, so to add some extra appeal to those old toys that just sit in the corner gathering dust – Marinate them in catnip!

For the video I just marinated the toys for a few minutes and as you can see it worked great, I’m going to try marinating some toys for a longer period of time and maybe try Valerian Root or Silver Vine to see how CAM react 🙂

Make a cat cave!

I’ve seen many DIY cat tents online and I was going to include that in our video, but then I came across this even more purrfect idea… A cat cave is super easy to make and you don’t need any wire or tape like you do when making a cat tent. All you need is a good sized, sturdy box and an old T-shirt, simply slide the T-shirt over the box so the opening is on the top, then gather all the excess material at the bottom and tie it in a knot so it’s nice and snug and then tuck in the sleeves.

Cat food puzzle

There’s many different options to make a simple cat food puzzle for your cat, wild cats roam hundreds of miles in search of prey, so it’s important to try and keep your cats stimulated at treat time, just like us humans a mental workout is always beneficial to our overall health 🙂

I decided to include the water bottle version because most people will have some sort of empty bottle they can use. For this you just make sure the bottle is empty and clean, then cut a few holes in the bottle slightly larger than the cat treats you will use. You can always start them off with very large holes to make it easier for them and then gradually reduce the size to make it harder for them in the future.

*Also an extra step you may want to take is to melt the edges of the cuts in the bottle in case you’re worried about your cat/s and the sharp edges, I didn’t do this in the video since I’d just be supervising and encouraging Cole (Marm doesn’t like cat treats!) anyways – FREE human entertainment too!

Here’s a couple more ideas… empty box filled with toilet paper rolls, which you can then stuff with treats and/or toys. You could also just use the insert packaging from something you purchased and place cat treats in the little nooks and crannies and let your cats fish them out 🙂

A fan sent us the Christmas themed enrichment box, CAM love it 🙂

Whack a mouse!

Create your very own kitty game, again you need a box (most cat servants have these everywhere) wooden dowel, mouse toy and a glue gun… Cut around a dozen or so holes in the top of the box and then a larger one in the back, glue the mouse toy to the end of the wooden dowel and hey presto you’re ready to play!

Of course Marmalade took the more direct route and beat me at my own game, he found that the Whack-A-Mouse I made also doubles as cat bed #84 🙂



So there you have it 5 fun hacks you can try at home, purrlease let us know of any more cat owner hacks in the comments section, thanks fur reading.

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Thank you FUR your support!

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  1. I love playing with my pets! These are GREAT! So FUN! EASY to make too! Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I’m excited to try them! The BEST and sweetest videos too!!!

  2. Ciera likes medicine bottle caps and has a game w/ us. She hits the cap and it goes under the pantry door. We have to open the door for her to go in and get them! She is very instant until we open the door! Cheryl lParrish

  3. Love these! Definitely going to try the tee shirt box to make a cave, think my kitties will love that one! ♡

  4. Love these hacks! I have also made a cat-toy by tying a feather to a stick with a string… to much entertainment for my cats (and myself 😉 )

  5. Wow! All of these are great ideas. I love the t-shirt hideaway. I tried cutting a hole in a cardboard box but I was always afraid it would snag my kitties’ fur. Totally trying all of these! 😀

  6. on the other hand….just because it entertains the human the human will startle or frustrate kitty or doggie … idiots. Showing for ‘amusement’ are events where a puppy whose limbs are baby-ish coming down stairs.. He or she cannot reach down and touch the next step… he tries and tries… video-er giggling… Or showing how frustrated thte family pet is when a cat or new dog grabs the family pet’s bed… the frustration in the owner of this bed is shown while laughter of human goes on and on. There are other shows of this type… You are a man as great as the love you show … the respect… it’s magic for the subscriber. Thanks.

  7. The best toy we ever made was after we got 4! kittens to replace the love of my life I lost Valentines night 2015. My husband cut large whack-a-mole holes in a car canopy box (they’re extra sturdy & large – 6′ x 2′ x 1′). We keep it behind the couch because it’s so big but when we bring it out, all 5 cats are on it, in it, around it – they can’t get enough!

  8. One of my favorite cat toys is my laser pointer. My cat will chase the little red dot very enthusiastically and never gets tired of this toy.

  9. My cat is very playful and we have fun making up new games. However, he doesn’t seem to be excited about catnip. I have lots of toys I’d like to re-use. Do CAM react to Valerian root? Thanks!

  10. I make something I call a nickel bag for my cats (no I don’t use drugs) but my cats love it. I use the socks that have no mates anymore and I fill thr toe area up with catnip and either tie a knot or use a pony tail holder to keep it closed. They rub their faces on them and carry them around in their mouths. And when it becomes to green and dirty you just throw it away, and make another one.

  11. I made one of the cat caves. My female went into it within 2 seconds of setting it onto the floor and hasn’t come out since. I may never see her again, LOL. Thanks!

  12. use and old sock pour catnip in the foot of sock and tie knot,it makes a great catnip ball for your fur babies

  13. If you don’t have nitrile/rubber gloves, you can use a damp scrap towel…or damp fingers. Works wonders on my long haired Siamese, Ittie’s hair

  14. What do you do when your cats believe in Nancy Reagan’s just say no to catnip?
    They both love to chase the laser but that gets old in about 3 minutes.

  15. Great tips! I’ll definitely try them out–thanks! 🙂

    Also on a side note, what song is this?

  16. I found that using a metal cat brush to gather loose cat hair from their cat tree works really well. It not only gets all the hair but also raises the carpet nap. I usually vacuum with a brush attachment afterwards to get it really clean

  17. Wow, are you a great cat daddy or what! Thanks for all the ideas! Your cats have wonderful lives….

  18. Thanks Chris, can’t wait to see how my cats respond to this. The tip with the rubber gloves works amazingly well for all kind of hairs. My parents use it with great succes for their dogs.

    The cat food puzzle can be made in many ways. I did it this way:
    -wait for flat box to arrive with a delivery
    -take out contents and close back up
    -cut round holes between 1 and 2 inch diameter
    -roll cat food in paper and put inside so it gets a little stuck.
    -sit back an enjoy

    Have a good one,

  19. Hello Chris! Thank you for all your educational videos and cute cat pics!

    I’ve just bought catnip for my cats (I’m servant of three male cats), but they have never experienced catnip before.

    Do you have any advise about how to use catnip? Specially for those cats that never tried it before.


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