8 Signs Your Cat Is An Alien – Do You Know The Signs?

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I’ve often wondered if Cole & Marmalade are little aliens hiding inside the body of a cat, spying on humans for their alien friends in space. Are they reporting back to their alien overlords when chattering to nothing? 

There’s no denying that cats can act VERY weird at times!

Whether they’re hiding in dumpsters, sleeping on pizza boxes instead of the expensive cat bed you purchased or just staring at you for extended periods of time studying your behavior…there’s no denying they’re up to something! 
Then recently I saw this pic on Facebook…
…and knew that I had to make this video!

Here are the 8 Signs Your Cat is an Alien…see them in action!

1. They seem very interested in tasting you!
2. Can change from a solid to a liquid state.
3. Look uncomfortable in their own skin.
4. Always watching you with those freaky eyes!
(You’ve seen them blinking a third eyelid too!)
5. They study human technology.
6. Investigate water and its properties.
7. Looks like they’re communicating telepathically.
8. Try and imitate spacemen.

I’m sure you can add more to this list?! ~ Stay safe out there humans! Let us know if there is something a bit odd about your feline overlord in the comments. Purrhaps if enough of us speak of the signs, we can piece together their true desires? Do they want to take over the world? But maybe they just get bored and silly? 
Either way, we wouldn’t have it any other way and love them for it even more!!! 

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