Cole & Marmalade – 2015 Year in Review!

MEOW! 2015 was a pawsome year for us… First and foremost we started off the year with Marmalade being cancer free and I’m happy to report that the cancer is still in remission and he’s doing great! 🙂

With such a purrfect start we were very lucky that things just seemed to get better and better, here’s a list of the most notable things that occurred in no particular order, enjoy…

1. NEW COUCH! – This may not seem very interesting to most folks out there but for all you cat servants reading this, you know this is a BIG deal for your fur babies! Cole and Marmalade thoroughly enjoyed exploring this new giant kitty bed/scratching post/play zone thingy, check it out in this video 🙂

2. Clear The Shelters Day – We attended San Diego County’s first “Clear The Shelters Day” which just so happened to be on my Birthday (Aug 15th), so what better way to spend my birthday than seeing pets get adopted and handing out free gifts to all the new cat servants! 🙂

Clear The Shelters Day is a nationwide initiative by the NBC network that has nearly 300 animal shelters, facilities and rescue groups helping animals find new owners on one selected day. Participating shelters reduced or waived adoption fees on its pets for qualified applicants. Fees typically include spay or neuter, vaccinations, a microchip and a free veterinary exam.

Special thanks to Meowbox: who donated 30 boxes full of cat toys, treats and food to hand out to all the people who adopted cats that day and to the San Diego Humane Society for allowing us to film 🙂

3. Family visit! – In May my mum, little sister and her boyfriend visited from the UK and my two younger brothers travelled out west with their better halves too… It was great to see them all and explore the San Diego area, plus Cole and Marmalade really enjoyed the new house guests!

4. Marmalade WON! – Thanks to everyone who voted daily for Marm he won the Modern Cat “Star Cat” contest! We were featured in the magazine AND on the cover, where we got to talk about the fun stuff we do as well as the issues close to our hearts like adoption, spay/neuter, FIV+ cats and much more! … Check out the article here: STAR CAT and thanks again to everyone who took the time to vote! 🙂

See how we managed to capture the pics in this behind the scenes video…

Modern Cat Magazine

5. CatCon LA – We also attended the first ever CatCon, what a whirlwind of a day that was! We had the opportunity to check out sooooo many cool new cat products, listen to talks and presentations by big wigs in the cat world and the best part was meeting lots of our fans who love our videos, very surreal, but very cool too! … Oh yeah we saw this cute ginger cat everywhere as well… 😉


6. Purrfect Paintings – Cole and Marmalade had their paw-traits painted by the very talented Diane Irvine Armitage we just LOVE her work and I could look at her paintings all day long, especially those eyes they seem so real!

IMG_2721marm speed painting

7. Fan Art – We’re very lucky to have such amazing fans around the world and it was great to see all the amazing artwork they posted to our Facebook page throughout the year, we look forward to seeing more in 2016!

8. Cats and Coffee! – We visited the Cat Cafe in San Diego and were very impressed, the comfort of the cats is extremely important to the owner Tony Wang … they do a great job providing a safe, quiet and relaxing area for the cats and humans to enjoy – Caffeine and kitties, it’s a win, win!

Cat Cafes also help local shelters with the overflow of animals in need of homes, the environment offers a great way for the cats to become socialized and really helps encourage visitors to adopt. Over 100 cats have found their furever homes thanks to the San Diego location 🙂


*I will be producing a video of our visit for our NEW YouTube Channel Cat Man Chris so stay tuned! This channel will be full of daily clips, shorter vids, vlogs, videos of places we visit and much more!

9. More cat videos! – Our YouTube Channel now has over 200 videos, 256,000 subscribers and 66 million views in total! I love to make videos that not only entertain but also help educate and raise awareness about animal welfare issues.

Our night vision videos were particularly successful this year, it was so cool to leave the camera recording each night and then upload the footage the following morning to see what Cole and Marmalade had been up to while we slept… we managed to capture some very interesting footage!

The night vision mode also came in very handy when I followed some feral cat caregivers who feed 100+ cats every single night!

Thanks to all of YOU who watch and share our videos, Love Your Feral Felines the non profit organization that helps supply these caregivers with food reported that donations through their Amazon Wishlist tripled and they were overjoyed with the generosity people showed towards the feral cats and the great work they’re doing!

Plus the video was picked up by many popular cat websites AND a segment was played on TV so hopefully love for feral felines will continue to grow 😉

10. PROMOTE PAWSITIVITY! – Cole and Marmalade have helped us so much personally and we receive messages from fans everyday saying how much our videos have helped them when they’re dealing with depression, anxiety or illness…. None of us should ever feel alone in our struggles so we created the Promote Pawsitivity campaign so people can create an amazing support circle online and across the world to help each of us find the joy in life we all deserve 🙂

pp now

PURRCHASE Promote Pawsitivity shirts and hoodies HERE!

100% of the proceeds from this campaign will be donated to Hannah Kiresuk who is battling Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis (MG) among other things and currently needs to raise $500,000 for a bone marrow transplant.

We had the pleasure of meeting Hannah and were blown away by how much she’s been through while still keeping a positive attitude and a smile on her face…. She’s a big inspiration for us and we’re going to do everything we can to help raise the funds she needs for her procedures 🙂

You can learn more about Hannah and DONATE directly here:

So that about wraps up 2015 for us, of course these were just the highlights for us personally, for more day to day stories and smiles purrlease LIKE our Facebook page

We wish all of you a HAPPY MEW YEAR!

Chris, Jess, Cole and Marmalade xo

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Thank you FUR your support!

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  1. Selamat thn baru cole n marm.. Semoga selalu menjadi inspirasi kami dlm kebaikan.. Sukses selalu.. peluk cium buat cole n marmalade

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and handsome boys with me & my family .. as well as all of your fans. My family & I are very happy Marm is staying cancer free! <3 <3 <3

  3. Happy new year! Now the question is will we ever see a CAM cat cafe? that alone would be enough reason for me to visit the States.

  4. Excellent achievements! I really wish the new year could bring you love, peace and success, both for you and the kitties?

  5. Not a day goes by I don’t check what Cole & Marmalade are up to! Thanks for all great videos, photos and humanitarian work you do! I could probably give up coffee in the morning, but not those handsome boys’ news!

  6. Happy new year 2016, keep happy & healthy Cole and Marmalade! Love all your pictures and videos 🙂
    Hugs & kisses from one of CaM biggest fan from Jakarta!

  7. Just having realized that Cole & Marm live in Oceanside, California … I must mention: If they don’t already, check out Mission Animal & Bird Hospital (@ the 76 & Benet). They have ‘Wellness Plans’!!! For a monthly fee, you get UNLIMITED vet exams, ALL vaccines, a 10% off discount on all meds, & MORE!

    All of my Masters love them! Tell them the Fergusons say Hello.

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