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Puppy With Brain Condition Fitted In Helmet Donning Cat Ears To Look Like Her Feline Best Friend

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Tilly is a special soul. And like many other special needs animals, she has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. This is more commonly known as “water on the brain” in the animal and human worlds. But these loving souls can still live full, albeit a bit wobbly, lives. So when she was brought into the shelter system in Virginia, they knew what she needed. But little did they know it would be a small plastic helmet with some adorable accessories to make her fit right in.

They worked together quickly to save her life and avoid unnecessary euthanasia that often accompanies the condition. Numerous organizations coordinated to get Tilly into a foster home that had experience with her medical needs.

But it happened to be within a primarily feline rescue that Tilly found her temporary home. And her new feline foster family gave her the love and friendship that she needed to thrive. What resulted may be one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen.

Because when Tilly was fitted for a helmet to protect her delicate head, they added cat ears to make her feel like “one of the gang”. 

She’s cute enough without them, but seeing the look on her little face is almost too much to handle.

It began in early March, when she was surrendered to the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, & Clarke Counties. Her medical condition needed experienced caregiver attention and thankfully she was handed over to professionals. Working together, they coordinated to eventually transfer her to The CAT LVT and finally to @somdkittenfosters foster home.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE- Late last night I got an email from a rural shelter who needed help with a small puppy who may have hydrocephalus. She was with a wonderful foster who was becoming increasingly concerned with her development. She needed to go a place with more resources to address her needs. AWLA agreed to take on this baby but needed a specialized caregiver. We decided the best place for this little one was to transfer her into The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation.


It was here that Tilly met Eggbert and their friendship blossomed.

Eggbert is an almost 2 year old feline who is partially paralyzed due to contracting meningitis as a kitten. But that doesn’t stop him in the least! And what better role model could Tilly have?!

Although Eggbert may not have been so excited when he first heard the news. 


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But it didn’t last long and the two quickly became inseparable. And what resulted was a flurry of aww inspiring and swoon worthy photos and videos.

And when enough donations were received, the time came for Tilly to be fitted for her helmet.

They were off to Bionic Pets, an amazing organization that creates prosthetic limbs and equipment for needy animals. Egg also picked up a new piece to scoot around safely. But they truly go above and beyond to ensure physical…and mental comfort for the animals.

I cannot… ❤️Tilly is at @bionicpets for her helmet fitting. We wanted to make her more of an official member of #teamscratchndent by adding cat ears! Now she looks official!! Thanks @bionicpets!

So when they announced Tilly’s new head gear on their social media pages, the collective “aww’ of the world could be heard. 


Now, the world can’t get enough. And thankfully Tilly and Eggbert are too distracted focusing on each other to care who’s watching! 

Egg and Tilly…a love story❤️ I can’t begin to tell you how much these two love each other. Where Egg goes, Tilly has to follow. Wherever Tilly goes, Egg has supervise and then she runs right back to him for cuddles.

Be sure to follow the duo on Instagram for all the cuteness you can stand!

Photos property of @somdfosterkittens / @thecatlvt


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