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Grey Tabby Cat Hitches Ride From Delivery Driver; Happily Rescues Herself

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I know many TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) trappers will read this story and WISH that more cats would rescue themselves. The world just doesn’t work that way…normally. But when deliver driver Lindsey from a local outdoor adventures store in Falls Church, Virginia was making her rounds, she found a tiny stow-a-way in her truck. One who made it very easy to “save” herself.

The super sweet grey tabby had hitched a ride with the delivery driver, making no effort to hide amongst the boxes.

Because when she was discovered, she acted as if her best friend had just found her while playing hide-and-seek. And she immediately approached Lindsey meowing happily and then took it a step further. 

She jumped up onto the shoulder of her newly claimed friend!

And thankfully Lindsey’s camera was handy. Not many cats are what we call “parrot cats”, but this stray surely enjoyed scaling this human. 

They believe that she may have snuck onto the truck at their loading facility. During a stop in nearby Woodbridge, it’s possible she found the fun hiding spot and went for a joy ride from there.

The driver had a quick photo shoot and then took her mysterious friend to a local shelter for assistance.

At the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Falls Church, they scanned the gray tabby but found no microchip. This doesn’t mean that she is not owned by someone though. They are hoping that a family will come forward during the mandatory stray hold. She hardly seems like a stray though, given her lack of fear for humans and beyond that, extremely snuggly nature.

They are working on finding the perfect name for her and some adventurous suggestions have come up.

“We are definitely going to think of some sort of travel related name: Sojourn, Voyager,” says Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation volunteer Jen Boger told a local news station.

Images property of Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation


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