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The images making the rounds on social media were shocking to see. A young 7-month-old kitten had to have buttons sewn onto his face after being attacked by a family dog. The saddened family surrendered the wounded kitten to the MSPCA Boston. It was here that veterinarians used the 4 small buttons in quite an unusual way on the ginger patient, Juicebox.

But now those buttons have been removed from Juicebox’s face, leaving a happy healing kitten.

Just why were they there though?! Well, they were happy to explain their unique choice on their Facebook page. 

The button use is a technique that was researched by one of Angell Animal Medical Center’s dentistry staff, Dr. Alice Ekerdt. With certain types of fractures in specific areas of the jaw – like the type that poor Juicebox suffered – the fracture can be difficult to stabilize, and in some cases other implants can be difficult to size. The suture is what actually holds the jaw in place – the buttons improve comfort and prevent the suture from digging into the skin.

Only 10 days later, his injuries had healed to the point that the buttons were ready to come off! There were no complications, no re-injuries and no suffering kittens. Just a happy little ginger nugget who had made headlines and couldn’t care less.

The sweet boy easily sat for the vet staff who snipped the buttons from his face without fuss. 

He will return for x-rays in a couple off weeks to ensure that his jaw is still healing correctly. But until then, he is resting and learning how to “cat” in foster care.

The MSPCA has received HUNDREDS of adoption applications for Juicebox to date. They are hoping that after his checkup, he’ll be ready to find an official home. Until then, his new-found fans are eagerly awaiting word if they will be the lucky family to care for him.

They’ve even decided on a few cute names for his new adopters, should they need suggestions.

Should’ve named him Buttons but he is a lil sweetie glad he’s recovering…

I said Benjamin lol

Photos property of MSPCA Boston


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