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Twelve Most Popular Cat Related Holiday Gifts…Actually Tested By Felines!

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Here at Cole and Marmalade, we are constantly being bombarded with products to try and reviews to write. And when the holiday season hits, the amount of options can be overwhelming for anyone! But we aren’t easily “bought” by frills, boastful new items and “deals” that cats are SURE to like. Honestly, cat owners KNOW that their beloved felines usually prefer the box that it comes in. With 2020 causing an upswing in online ordering, those boxes are plentiful!

So this holiday season, we’ve picked twelve of our favorite purroducts, sure to satisfy your feline fix. 

Bonus, most of these are found on one of our favorite online stores, They are big promoters of the “gift boxes” their items are delivered in. And you know in our home, the more boxes, the better! They are truly tried and tested by the Furtastic Four, who may be the most spoiled kitties there ever were.

First, our favorite feline toys. Since we work with rescue cats often that have NEVER played in their lives, these toys are often their first experience with fun! 

Frisco Holiday Cat Tracks Cat Toy

This tiny tower of tracks has been a hit in our home for years now! Not only to kittens use it to climb to new heights of cuteness. And now it’s available in festive holiday colors!

Frisco Plush, Teaser, Ball & Tri-Tunnel Variety Pack Cat Toy with Catnip

Cats love options. So when the tri-tunnel comes out, watching your silly cat investigate each curious cavern is a riot. We’ve tried to get children’s play tunnels, but having the dangling toys and pop-up peek spots makes all the difference!

Frisco Bird Teaser with Feathers Cat Toy

Mimicking your cats natural hunting instincts is a spectacular way for your furkid to get exercise and enrichment. And variety is the spice of life isn’t it? Which makes these feather cat toys a staple in our home. Apparently also they make quite the decorative display too!


Not only is The Ripple Rug one of our all time favorites, we at Cole and Marmalade took it a step further. Since it’s one of the most played with…and washable….items in the house, we officially partnered with this one! Which means that JUST for CaM friends, there’s a discounted price for the famous floor covering. 

While the humans are baking up a holiday storm in the kitchen, our cats deserve to indulge too!

And while we cave often each time those big eyes look at us, begging for a treat, they certainly deserve them. I mean, this year even more! Considering they’ve had to “deal” with us being home more during quarantine. Which meant more snuggles, more interrupted naps and happily, more treats.

Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor Cat Treats

Not only do our felines deserve to be rewarded for their sweetness, they deserve festive flavors too! So during your attempts to coax them away from the Christmas tree, or from the dinner table, toss out some distracting “temptations”.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Meowy & Bright Variety Pack Cat Food Pouches

Weruva is a given in this house all year long. Not only are their ingredients high quality, they are truly animal people. We’ve been blessed to partner with them numerous times to help family pets and homeless community cats. The latest was when we helped distribute 4 PALLETS of free food to colony feeders!

And only cat lovers would come up with hilarious holiday names to reflect the tasty meals.

Goody Box Holiday Toys & Treats for Cats

Chewy took it a step further to help human servants find just the right options for their cherished cats. 

This holiday cat gift box is just the festive bundle you need to show your feline friends how thankful you are for them during all your wintertime celebrations. Whether you pick up one of these cat gift boxes for your own pet or for a fellow pet parent, they’re sure to make the holiday celebrations merry and bright for the furriest of friends.

Sure Petcare SureFeed Feeder Connect Microchip Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

It happens every year. We eat too much delicious food, sit back, loosen our belts and fall into a deep nap. But what happens when your “kids” decide to be picky with their food? Or you have one animals that wants everyone’s dinner for themselves? Here, we have been using the Sure Petcare feeders for years as well.

Not only are they synced to each cats already implanted microchips, the new model has a scale to measure how much is eaten. Have a sick cat that you need to ensure is eating while you are at work perhaps? Or maybe you have that cat who pushes their way into everyone else’s bowl, devouring it all? This is the best way to monitor food intake with multiple animals. Not to mention they look like the coolest, futuristic technology cats. 

Don’t forget that the holidays can be stressful for ALL souls. 

So how do we unwind? Well for cats, they need enrichment to keep them stimulated and healthy. Climbing, stretching, scratching and exploring new territories are detrimental to their health. And having scratching posts and cat trees is the easiest way to provide this stimulation for your feline. 

Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Don’t waste that air space in your home! This towering cat tree is not only big enough for multiple cats, it’s sturdy. And when you have a cat with the zoomies, watching them shoot 6 feet up in the air without a care in the world is too precious. Nothing wrong with an eye-level little kiss on the forehead as they sleep either. Not to mention a spectacular calendar cover photo…wink, wink.

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Every year there seems to be a new hit cat object that everyone NEEDS. Apparently this year, it’s the adorable and less pokey, cactus scratching post. How cute!? And no watering required!

Sheer Fun Cat Toy

There’s nothing cuter than watching your cat when they have no clue you are. And when they are safely tucked away behind the Sheer Fun cat toy, clearly they are invisible! HAHA Simple, effective and addicting for those sneaky cuties. 

Last but not least, don’t forget about the stray and feral cats celebrating the holidays outside. 

Recently, a sweet stray who has not decided the indoor life is for him, moved into our yard. He has been TNR’d (trap/neuter/returned) but until he decides the indoor life is not so bad, he stays happily in the yard. Granted Goldenballz Bond never has to worry about food / care again being in our garden. But he needs to stay safe and warm during the cooler temperatures. So as soon as we can coax Cole out of the cozy home, it will go outside.

K&H Pet Products Extra-Wide Outdoor Heated Kitty House

And not only does this item work well for the mild Florida “winters”. It is purrfectly toasty in snowy regions with a heated cat bed tucked safely inside!

Hopefully these tried and tested cat products will help you check off that holiday shopping list much easier. Because when our furry family members bring us joy every day of the year, it’s the least we can do for them! <3


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