Dedicated Feral Cat Colony Feeders Surprised With Pallets Of Food!

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The one thing that I strive for is to always be a better person than I was the day before. I think 2020 should have us ALL thinking of how we can help all living creatures more. Because we are in this together. From sharing uplifting adoption stories, to working with TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) programs and rescuing animals from the streets. These are just a few of the things those loving humans who care for felines practice regularly. And for two feral cat colony feeders in Baltimore, Maryland, they received quite the surprise due to that generosity. 

These two dedicated cat colony feeders didn’t just receive a small donation to help their cause; it was stacks of food that appeared at their homes! 

But that’s what happened when the Weruva pet food company heard of their story. So who are these Weruva people and why did this “tale” touch their hearts? What makes a company send pallets of free food during a time when the economy is suffering? 

Hearts of gold is my guess. 

Weruva was founded back in 2006 by David and Stacie Forman, but now consists of quite a large team; 2 legged and four!

We originally developed WeRuVa, a luxurious, natural pet food, for our three rescued cats, WEbster, RUdi and VAnessa, after searching for the best cat food under the sun. When the best wasn’t good enough, we sourced quality ingredients, developed some fantastic recipes, and created it ourselves.

Naturally, when we were lucky enough to have our rescued dog Baron enter our family, we decided to expand our products to include dog food. (They’ve since adopted a dog, Baron, but are hesitant to rename the company Weruvaba.)

Our pet food is produced in a human food facility using many of the ingredients and processes used in products made for people.

Weruva’s obviously more than a company out to make money though. They have partnered up with Show Your Soft Side to promote their important cause. This event, they sent 10 PALLETS of cat and dog food to donate! 

The campaign’s message that compassion towards animals is a strength, not a weakness, is one that struck a chord with young and old alike. Today, Show Your Soft Side, Inc. uses its reach and resources to build a better world for animals and, in doing so, build better adults.

Ok so now we know who Weruva are, but how did they become involved with these two random colony feeders? 

It began on August 15th with a caring woman named Emily Walton. She had been to one of the Show Your Soft Side/Weruva pet food drives the day before. The food was in her car still when she stopped into the local PetSmart to pick up a few more items.

When checking out at PetSmart yesterday there was a rugged, worn-out looking gentleman in front of me who just looked so tired and beaten down.
I immediately noticed that his cart was about half as full as mine with the SAME brands of cat food. I made a comment about it saying “looks like your bunch is just as spoiled and well-care for as mine!”
He turned around and told me that he feeds a dozen homeless cats and doesn’t actually have a single cat indoors of his own. He’s been doing so for ten years since he moved into his new place and started seeing them. He said about half are TNR’d. [But] he’s on a low-income disability plan and has really been struggling financially as a result of caring for the cats. Even has been having to eat cereal for dinner so that his cats can eat. Bless his heart.
The universe put this man in my journey and on my path in perfect timing.
Tim was not only struggling financially to feed his feral “kids”, his health was a huge factor too. 
Tim had a major heart attack many years ago, and after an operation, he is no longer able to work. He uses what money he gets to make sure “his” cats are fed and cared for.

Emily told the man to wait while she ran out to her car, and returned with cases of food in her arms.

Handing the Weruva boxes to the shocked gentleman named Tim, she knew they were always meant for him.

The man had tears in his eyes, he kept repeating “God Bless you, nobody has ever treated me so kindly. No one has EVER helped me. I’m at a loss for words.Just as I was feeling as though I’d given up completely on humanity you stepped in and have given me this newfound hope. Thank you so much.”

Photo: Emily

Emily didn’t stop there though. Colony feeders know that a few cases of food disappear just as quickly as they arrive.

I gave the man my business card so he’d have my number in case he ever found himself in a situation where he couldn’t afford to feed the cats. Also to reach out and I’d try to direct him to TNR resources who can help. Ironically, our cashier ALSO is a colony caretaker for 13 cats so I shared a case with her as well. She too, was beyond grateful.

An hour later, Emily had posted the story to the Show Your Soft Side Facebook page, who in turn forwarded it to the Weruva family.

Neither Emily nor Tim could imagine what was going to happen next though. 

Weruva did NOT disappoint and I get chills every time I see these grateful photos. If your heart doesn’t fill with compassion, motivation to help others and the love that’s clearly shown, you may be a zombie.

From that post, we were able to get in touch with Emily. And, in turn, contact Tim to set up a shipment of food to help him continue his fantastic work. We also sent food to Emily to thank her for not only being such a kind human to Tim but also for caring for so many colonies herself.

A team of volunteers were happy to help the shocked colony feeders move the massive stacks of food.

And the faces at the center of the miracle? These feral, abandoned, forgotten and thoroughly loved felines are what it’s all about.

Three of the newest babies born to Tim’s colony. Hopefully after TNR, this will be one of the last!

The overwhelmed humans are both happy to share their stacks of gifts with other feral cat colony feeders. I can’t imagine this will be the last time Weruva steps up to lend a helping paw to the fur-babies and caring humans of the world. 

”Caring, kindness, and diligence paid to pets and their people.” Ask any Weruva team member what Weruva stands for, and they will instantly quote this line. It is how we do business, it is how we treat our family, and it is how we strive to treat all, human or animal.

Be sure to follow them on social media so we can support those that truly deserve to be spoiled…human and feline! Thank you to Emily, Tim, Weruva, Show Your Soft Side and everyone involved!

Photos courtesy of Weruva, Emily Walton and Show Your Soft Side


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