Indiana Missing Cat Finally Caught After Two Months Of Eluding Rescuers!

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Austin and Jamie Fisher were preparing to move to a new house in her hometown of Greenfield, Indiana. But they had to stay with his parents for a few weeks before their home would be ready. So they moved in with his parents in Fortville, Indiana to await their officially moving day. It was the community that Austin had called his hometown. And it was that community that stepped up to help them at one of the most devastating times in their lives. Because while they were living with his parents for a few weeks before moving day, two of their indoor cats escaped!

Sawyer and Ellie

It would be two months of traversing the Indiana town, eluding rescuers, before beloved Ellie was finally captured again! 

It was officially moving day in mid September when Sawyer, ran out the “doggy door”. But about a week later, Ellie managed to slip out of their temporary house too! The family was devastated. 

Sawyer – black and brown tabby. If he has his collar, its a black skull with a tag on it. He is very small for his age. He is super friendly and should approach you if you are nice to him.
Ellie – grey and white tabby (?). If she has her collar, its a plain black with a tag on it. She is very skiddish and may be afraid.

Sweet Sawyer was only gone for about 2 1/2 weeks before being found; still a heartbreaking couple of weeks. 

Update: We found our adventurous little rug rat (Sawyer) but we are still in searching for our girl kitty (Ellie). Please keep looking for her!! We are so close to a complete fur family 🥰

Sawyer walked 45 minutes to Ingalls only to find himself caught up with a sweet, loving family 2 weeks later. They found the number on his collar and called right away. THANK GOD for that family!!!

What they also didn’t expect, was the entire town to join in the search for Ellie!

But Ellie made it very difficult for the Indiana hamlet to ignore, because she popped up on security cameras and porches all around town! 

The exploring grey tabby had wandered all around the community, giving hope and frustration to all. And the entire town was in on the mission to return her to the Fishers. 

“We had been getting two to three calls a week with possible sightings of her. We’d get calls from people saying ‘we saw her walking on our porch on our doorbell camera’ or ‘hanging out in our backyard with our cats,’” Jamie said to local reporters.

“We knew she wouldn’t be easy to catch. She’s a spastic cat that doesn’t like to be held or picked up. We told people to grab her by the scruff. That’s the only way you can get her — not with food or by calling her name.”

Calls flooded in and sightings were reported of the possible cat for months. But each time, either Ellie would elude her rescuers or it wasn’t her that was seen. 

We caught her on camera, hanging around, She has been coming to the house to eat the food we leave out for her, all attempts to catch her have failed, got a animal trap. Almost caught her in the trap Wednesday night, but she escaped the trap, we have not seen her at all since. The loud trap may have scared her away!
We did catch a small black cat last night, so, we know the trap works correctly now. Please keep an eye out for her. We appreciate any help we can get! Thanks again!

But on November 16th, Austin received an excited call from his Aunt. She claimed she had seen Ellie and they were sending family to try to catch her. 

“I’ll believe it when I see it,’” Jamie defeatedly replied.

Thankfully, she was soon gazing into the eyes of their beloved Ellie who was in fact exactly who their Aunt had seen! 

It turns out the ninja-like feline had been “squatting” in the crawl space of Austin’s parent’s neighbor! They had been feeding her but hadn’t been able to catch her. I’m not sure if they realized it was the missing cat or not, as they may not have social media.

Because social media is where the masses had joined together, in an inspiring show of solidarity. The posts made by Austin, Jamie and their relatives were shared hundreds of times! And in a time when the world is on edge with the unknown all around, seeing people band together is overwhelmingly inspiring. 

Our baby girl is home!! A HUGE thank you to Lynn Kathy and Samantha for catching her. How unbelievable is it that our own family found her and caught her 😭. She has been gone since September 18th. Several sightings and very close calls (on catching her) and she is back home!
She is very skinny and has a pretty gnarly gash underneath her left arm (her collar was wrapped around her neck and arm – maybe trying to get out of it?). We are taking her to be seen tomorrow and I know they will take good care of her. We will keep everyone updated. So glad to have all of our fur babies under one roof.
Also, thank you so much for all of the messages and support in trying to find her. Some from familiar faces and some from complete strangers. My heart is so happy ❤

Now that Ellie is back home, they are noticing a bit of a new “purr”sona coming out of the once skittish cat.

Although they hope her ordeal has taught her the true pleasure from being safe indoors. They are not “holding their breath” that her new personality will remain.

“She’s always been pretty content to keep to herself, but she slept on my pillow all night, and she’s been super lovely to all the other animals, which is abnormal,” Jamie said.

Without the support and dedication of the Indian town, furry fugitives Sawyer and Ellie may never have found their happy endings. So thank you to all who were involved in helping these two family members find their path home!

Photos property of Austin and Jamie Fisher


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