Lucky 3-Legged Kitten Surprised With A Fur-ever Home As Companion For Anxious Little Girl

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At a local Texas Target store, a young kitten was found limping around the parking lot. A woman discovered the desperate babe and knew it needed help. She had no way of knowing her shopping trip would lead to her helping a lucky kitten find it’s furever home! Even more so, that the small kitten would be such a beneficial addition to it’s new human.

In August of 2019, while out shopping, a woman noticed that the lone kitten had a severe leg injury. She immediately picked her up and raced her to the Flower Mound Animal Adoption Shelter.

Photo: Flower Mound Animal Adoption Shelter

The shelter saw that the poor kitten was in desperate need of emergency surgery and leapt into action. Transporting her to Main Street Veterinary Hospital in Lewisville was their best option.

Dr. Geneva Kernaghan looked at the leg and instantly knew it needed to be amputated. Gangrene had already set into the limb which left them with no time to wait. 

This Kitten Was About to Get Even More Lucky!

Dr. Susan Brashear, a general practitioner at Main Street Veterinary Hospital, had been out of town that day. But when she came in the next day to check on the animals in the hospital’s ICU, she immediately fell in love with this precious little 3-legged girl.

Photo by Dr. Susan Brashear

Dr. Brashear’s 9-year-old daughter, Eden, had been asking her parents for her very own kitten for some time. In her experience as a vet, female orange tabbies always appeared to be the sweetest.

But only about 20% of orange tabbies are female, so she knew that this kitten AND her daughter were both about to get very lucky!

The kitten was taken back to the shelter the day after her amputation. That night, Dr. Brashear went home and discussed adopting the kitten with her husband. Together, they decided to surprise their daughter with her very own kitten!

Photo of Double Oak Veterinary Medical Center, Flower Mound, TX

Eden is About to Meet One Lucky Kitten.

The next day, Brashear picked Eden up from school. Brashear told her that they needed to pick up supplies at the pet store to donate to the shelter. Her mother had already completed the adoption papers earlier in the day, and Eden was about to meet and hold “her” kitten for the first time. 

Photo by Susan Brashear

“She just lost her mind,” said Brashear. “She was so excited to have a special kitten.”

Eden said that cats have been her favorite animal nearly since preschool. She named her kitten Minerva McGonagall after a professor who turns into a cat in the Harry Potter series.

Minerva had difficulties getting around for the first few weeks in her new home.

“She had to relearn how to walk with three legs,” said Brashear. “Eden spent a lot of time working with her, helping her getting around things and holding her up to eat.”

Minerva is Thriving Now and Both Girls Couldn’t be Happier!

She is able to climb a ladder and even runs up and down the stairs.

Minerva McGonagall is all grown up! 

“You’d never know she’s missing her leg,” said Brashear. “She hops around like a rabbit.”

Two Lucky Girls With a Bright Future Ahead of Them

Minerva is lucky to have such a loving little girl by her side. But, Eden, who has ADHD and anxiety, is also very lucky to have Minerva as her companion.

“This kitten has been such an emotional boost to her,” Brashear said, adding that Minerva helps Eden focus.

Minerva McGonagall has grown up to be a stunningly lucky girl! 

This is not the families first time rescuing a kitten in need.

They are also lucky parents to a 16-pound Maine Coon, named Callaway. A man was working one day at the gulf course, when he saw a hawk circling over the back nine. Curious, he went to investigate.

When he got there, he witnessed the hawk swoop down and pick something up off the green and start to fly away.

“He yelled, and the hawk dropped it,” explained Brashear. “He ran over and saw it was a 3-day-old kitten that had somehow wandered onto the golf course.”

The man rushed the tiny kitten to Main Street Veterinary Hospital, where he stayed until he was 5-weeks-old. That is when Dr. Susan Brashear decided to take him home with her. Callaway has been with the family for about 10-years now and loves his new feline sister too!


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