Pirate Kitty Betsy Proves One Eyed Cats ARRRH Still Perfect!

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The 19th of September has been dubbed “Talk Like A Pirate Day” since 1995. Fans of the swashbuckling sailors of yesteryear spend this day in costume, spouting savvy slang while three sheets to the wind. Eyepatches over one eye, captain hats and stylish sashes flood the streets. Celebrations of the once criminal behavior have turned into more welcomed festivities. Many events are held so the costumed attendees can raise funds for charities. Contestants vote on the most outlandish buccaneer attire. Usually winning bonus points if they have a parrot on their shoulder. 

But what if you are dressed for high-seas adventure every day!? Will no one celebrate your differences because it’s just a random day? “Arrrh” you un-loveable? Certainly not!

Well for pirate kitty Betsy, she proves that one-eyed cats should be celebrated every day! 

Little Betsy was born on the streets near of one of the nations most celebrated buccaneer cities, Tampa, FL. Literally the football team is the Buccaneers, so you can imagine the dedication the town has to the annual celebration.

Photo: @imagesvc.timeincapp.com

For one small kitten just north of Tampa though, thankfully her rescuers heard her weak “Avast, ye!”, plea for help. It was the night of July 1st and before she officially became Betsy, this sweet girl was about to experience the universal “heave ho”.

She was found alone on the streets with what must have startled her rescuers to their core. Her poor right eye was completely ruptured. 

Sadly, this happens all too often with stray animals. Usually it occurs when they have an eye infection that is left untreated. For those experiencing the horror and pain, it will eventually overcome them and they will perish.

But not this sweet kitten! She would be taken in by the Runaway’s Animal Rescue who know that “eyes do not make the cat”. Just like the high seas survivors of a mutiny, their scars are worn with pride. 

She came to us late last night after being found with a ruptured eye. We got her cleaned up and into foster where she is happy and eating well. We wanted to name her something in regards to the upcoming holiday. So we picked Betsy after Betsy Ross who was a patriot responsible for sewing the first American flag.

They were happy to welcome Betsy into their crew where she would officially become a pirate cat. 

But little Betsy needed to graduate from first-mate before she would be able to address her ruptured eye. Estimated to be about 5 weeks old when she was found, she was only the size of a 2 week old infant! Meaning that she was way too small for any surgery to be considered. 

So Betsy would spend her time with the foster crew of the Vice President of the organization, Alyssa Giroux. Alyssa knew that behind the sweet little scallywag, there was a bounty that would fill one’s heart with untold treasure.

And on July 23rd, after regaining her strength and adding some much needed padding to her body, Betsy had her enucleation surgery. The vets at Pet First are quite skilled with their blades and she pulled through with flying colors. 

There would be no more walking the plank for this tiny tabby.

Now, Betsy has seemed to fully embrace her new life as a pirate and it’s the cutest thing ever. 

Although she may be a bit confused as to the stereotypes of how a pirate is to act! Betsy, you’re the pirate! Not the parrot! Apparently one of her favorite spots to perch though is on foster dad Jeff’s shoulder. Must be the pirate beard.

Shiver me timbers though, because Betsy, now at approximately 4 months old, is still the size of 2 month old kitten! What the poop deck?!

But this petite pirate has no fear of her larger mates. In fact, she knows to survive these rough “seas”, her best bet is to stick close to the crew. Betsy LOVES to snuggle up to the other cats and dogs in Alyssa’s home. No more cold nights for this stowaway who narrowly avoided Davey Jones’ locker.

Betsy now needs to find her own crew to captain though.

She is currently up for adoption, and the Runaways know that her “booty” is special. 

Even with only one eye now, Betsy has a fighting spirit that knows no bounds. Thankfully she has found a friend in another foster kitten, so Alyssa knows she’ll do best in a home with another young kitten to play with. Older “seadogs” may not enjoy her unique brand of kitten love.

So yo-ho-ho to all you landlubbers out there that are missing a first mate…a few doubloons later and your treasure chest will forever be full. 

Please contact the Runaways Animal Rescue if you are interested in adopting this sweet pirate cat!


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