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Munchkin Cat Bravely Finds A Surprising New Friend In Rescued Pet Rat

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Meet Shumai, or Shu Shu for short. Shumai is a munchkin cat, meaning his legs are shorter due to a genetic mutation. The most heartbreaking thing these unique cats can experience though, is being used as breeder cats. People think that they’re adorable, and they are, but these sweet petite furry potatoes have a whole lot going on.

Baby Shumai next to a iphone for size comparison <3

Due to their medical mutations, many are plagued with chronic pain and health issues. This can lead to behavioral problems including lashing out at other family members. And it’s simply because they are hurting. Poor Shumai didn’t escape the painful reality of his genetic makeup, but this lucky cat has a family that will do ANYTHING to help bring him peace.

Surprisingly, what this little munchkin needed was a new friend on his level…and that happened to be a rescued rat! 

Short jokes aside, the relationship between these two is nothing “short of a miracle”. And it was that way right from the beginning. Which wasn’t all that long ago…

It was on August 15th, when Tiffany Farrior, owner of Moonwillow Metaphysical arrived at her new shop in Lakewood, Colorado. She had just opened on July 31st and was enjoying the new location, which had brought with it very loving customers of all species.

But when she arrived at the location that morning, she was greeted by a tiny visitor who had broken in during the night!!! 

She was curled up on my desk snoozing away when I got in. I was cautious when I picked her up, not knowing if she was gonna bite. But she crawled right into my hands and arms and snuggled right up!

Tiffany immediately contacted the landlord, whose first words were not surprising.

You can’t keep that in the building, sorry. We had a neighbor to the East last year that was letting his domestic rats loose, and we had to report him.

Rizzo happily dozing in Tiffany’s arms

So now she knew where the rat had come from originally, but now what was she supposed to do?!

Not only did she and her husband Ikaika share their home with munchkin Shumai, they have a rescue Bengal cat, Mrs. Ho Kim, as well. 

Could she really entertain the idea of bringing this rat home where there were TWO of it’s natural predators? Nervous but curious, Tiffany decided she had to try. In her line of work, at least she had an inside connection with the animals. If they weren’t open to living in harmony, they’d be sure to let her know!

I’m a psychic Medium and Animal communicator and animals have always found me. From a 3-day-old baby hawk laying on the ground in my path and no trees or nests in sight, to this loving little rat…

I was so worried about bringing her home though. I didn’t want her to get hurt or them to scare her to the point of stressing her out either. Not to mention stressing the cats either.

I’m hoping that Ho Kim’s motherliness expands to rats if I tell her this is friend, not food!

Mrs. Ho Kim’s “Unsure” expression

Although Shumai is just like other cats, his chronic pain does cause him to occasionally have kitty temper tantrums. I have no clue how Tiffany and Ikaika don’t smoosh his little cute face though when they happen. Because how laughingly adorable is this?!

This was him throwing a fit because the computer was in my lap and he couldn’t snuggle. He slammed his face down so hard the couch cushion shook and he fell asleep like that! HAHA

Shumai’s temper tantrum nap

What transpired that night though was NOTHING anyone would have expected.

Sweet potato Shu Shu and Mrs. Ho Kim, didn’t immediately attack as felines may normally do to a rat.

In fact, these “vicious” kitties acted completely opposite! 

Mrs. Ho Kim looked at me like “WTF mom?! That’s a rat!”

Shumai got on my lap and just about stood on her trying to sniff my face as usual. Once he saw her, they touched noses! Her whiskers made him sneeze and she jumped a little like whoa. HAHA And then he settled down and laid in my lap a foot from her!

Their humans were utterly amazed at what was transpiring. Tiffany shrugged and decided “okay, we now have a rescue rat. That’s how it happens I suppose!” What would they name her though? 

When we go to put her back in her cage, she just sits in our hand like “no, I’ll stay here with you”. Melts my heart!!!

Trying out different names over the next few days, nothing seemed right. 

These crazy kids. We were calling her by the name we wanted and she totally ignore me. Called her Rizzo and she turned around like “hey, that’s me!”

Now, only a few weeks later, munchkin Shumai and rescued rat Rizzo, have been bonding more and more…and cuter and cuter…each day. 

Rizzo received a fancy new rat abode. YES, that is a banana hammock Ikaika purrchased for their new petite baby. This kind of humor makes me love them even more than them just being animal rescuers!

The two can be found near each other whenever Rizzo is chilling out of the cage. 

Mrs. Ho Kim really does try to get in on the catty/ratty action. But hilariously, this rescue Bengal is NOT an accurate representation of her genetic gifts either, thankfully! 

Funniest thing ever.

Had Rizzo on the couch with us and Mrs. Ho Kim was saying “Hi”. Rizzo took off running towards Ho Kim and she ran backwards to avoid her. Then she tried scuffing her like a kitten LOL.

Then Shumai came up and they were touching noses. Rizzo walked up to him, touched his foot, and he turned and ran. Big chickens.

Tiffany knows that Rizzo the rat may have appeared just when munchkin Shu Shu needed her the most. 

Shumai has been dealing with bouts of pain in his back legs, as happens regularly with the over-bred and genetic traits he been dealt. Quite often the sweet boy cannot get comfortable when laying because of the pain. It’s heartbreaking to see so whenever there is anything that provides him comfort, the Farrior’s ensure he’s got it. 

And with the introduction of Rizzo, Shu Shu has taken to being near her when he’s not feeling so well. Tiffany believes that Rizzo was sent her to be that comforting angel Shumai needs. Perhaps it’s because they are so close to the same munchkin height level, Rizzo can relate to him.

Neither of them are scaling tall buildings with a single bound. They aren’t caving to the stereotypes placed on their species. The two of them are finding peace within the friendship they have formed.  

So in a time where we need to focus on friendships between souls, not perceived norms, let Shumai and Rizzo be spirit guides for all of us. You never know what special connection you may find! 

Be sure to follow Moonwillow Metaphysical online to see their inspiring, blossoming love story.


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